Ryan’s Story

Four years ago, Ryan’s brother tried to ritually murder his family. Ryan survived, his parents didn’t. The incident scarred the ten-year-old, physically as well as mentally. Even now, he’s yet to come to terms with his brother’s betrayal but he knows one thing. Mark is still out there and he was never the type to leave a job unfinished.

Now fourteen and living with foster parents in the Cornish seaside town of Cliffport, Ryan’s time is beginning to run out. He is determined to maintain a low-profile avoid any unwanted attention, perferring the safe anonymity of being the “freaky emo kid that sits at the back of the class”. But, a random accident reveals to him the true nature of his brother’s crimes and gives him a hint as to the dangers he may soon face. Not all of them human.

The Incident
(Mature content, read at own discretion)
One night, shortly after his tenth birthday, ten-year-old Ryan Henderson is taught a brutal lesson in betrayal from someone he trusted with his life.

The Accident
Nearly four years have passed since the night that Ryan was nearly murdered by his brother along with his parents. He is now living with foster parents in the Cornish town of Cliffport. Determined to maintain a low-profile, a random accident reminds him of his brother’s crimes and gives him a hint as to the dangers he may soon face.

The Jewel
As Ryan starts to investigate the Soul Pledging ritual, someone close to him is placed in grave danger.

The Runaway
Mark knows where Ryan is now living. Scared, Ryan decides that his only option is to flee Cliffport and head to London. But first, he has some unfinished business in his home town of Truro to take care of.

The Deepling
A sudden and unexpected storm cuts of St Piran’s Island, forcing the students of Cliffport Community School to stay overnight. Meanwhile, inhuman eyes are watching one student in particular.

The Troll
When Jake and Spud go missing while BMX’ing in the fields outside town, Ryan comes face to face with a creature straight out of a fairy tale.

The Memory
Mark sets a plan in motion to capture his little brother.

The Hunter
A mysterious assailant targets Ryan and the boy finds himself in the greatest danger he has faced since the death of his parents. Can he save himself or will he be dragged kicking and screaming into the hands of his older brother.

The Hunted
Bound, gagged and at the mercy of two complete strangers, Ryan begins to realise just how much danger he is in. Meanwhile Ben and Daniel race to the rescue, hoping that they can make it in time.

The Aftermath
Ryan and Ben talk about last nights events leading to a confession from Ryan. Meanwhile, his brother puts a new plan into motion.

The Shift
After falling ill at school, Ryan wakes up back home in Truro with no memory of his life in Cliffport. His parents are alive, his brother is not trying to kill him, and his best friend is still his best friend. Was the last four years all a dream? Of course not, but will Ryan realise this in time before the trap set by his brother is sprung.

The Curse
Trapped by a curse he’s not even aware of, Ryan’s world begins to unravel around him.

The Tattoo
Ryan meets with Daniel to try and get some answers and the older boy comes up with a controversial plan. Meanwhile, Ryan meets a new friend.


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