Hero’s Journey

Hero\'s Journey

15 year old Toshiko Kiba always dreamed of epic battles, great knights and the heroic fight of good against evil. He never imagined that the world of heroes and villains would one day crash so violently into his peaceful village, throwing his life into turmoil and sending him on an adventure that would change him, and the world around him, forever.

Yeah yeah, I know, cliché to the max. That’s kinda the point behind the story.

Hero’s Journey is my first real attempt at a fantasy story (the 4 pages I wrote in Yr 8 English) don’t count). Unlike BetaForce, this is not an ensemble cast style story, there will be two main characters (both of which are introduced in the Prologue) although only one of them will be the titular hero of the story.

Parts of the story are inspired by a Wushu Fantasy game being run by Dessarus and others use ideas inspired by such fantasy RPGs as Exalted by White Wolf and Final Fantasy by Square/Enix. Its going to be a mix of western-style fantasy and anime/manga style fantasy. Essentially a kitchen sink setting with whatever seems cool at the time and fits the story.For example, personal names in the Kingdom of Arcadia and Japanese in style but it has a standard European feudal-lite style culture.

Chapter One I admit is a little gruesome but there was really no way to tone-down the events portrayed. Genocide is not a subject amenable to sugar-coating. It had to be graphic in order to convey the utter ruthlessness of the enemy and underline the events which will stay with the hero for the rest of his life.

I have to say I’m kinda proud how the first chapter turned out, I had a definite sequence of events I needed to put in and I managed to cover all them. I also think I nailed the shock that the main character experienced as the events unfolded. His entire world was coming crashing down and any attempt at humour in the story would’ve detracted from it.

As I said, its my first attempt at fantasy so I’m interested in hearing what you thing so feel free to comment on the chapters.


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