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Uni Week Three

So, I’m nearing the end of the third week. Had a chance to get a handle on all the classes so far, and their decidedly a mixed bunch.

Foundation Maths for Computing: I hate maths. I really, really hate maths. Especially any form of mental arithmetic. We’re going to be learning stuff like trigonometry, bases, algebraic equations and other stuff. Out of all my modules, this is the one that’s going to cause the most grief.

Foundation Computing: So far, pretty easy. We’re doing logic gates and Boolean algebra at the moment so its pretty easy. We were given out first assignment last week. A 1000 word report on Artificial Intelligence. Its due in just after Guy Fawkes and I’ve already done most of it.

Foundation Programming: The language they’re teaching us, as mentioned in a previous entry, is visual basic. It’s been about 10 years and three editions since I’ve done any VB programming, but I’m picking it up pretty quickly.

Introduction to Geography: After Programming, this is my favourite module. It has nothing to do with my linked degree, I chose it as an elective because it was something that interested my in school.

Academic Methods: Boring POS that’s trying to teach us all about study methods and team work.

Applied Numeracy and IT: Since I know how to turn a PC on and what 1+1 is, I’ve been exempted from this module.

Timetable is pretty random. Off all day Wednesday and only in 9-11 on Friday. Monday I had Intro to Geo and Academic methods (9-11 and 12-2). Tuesday and Thursday are the worst. I have a morning lecture and an afternoon lab with a three hour break in between.

But all in all, so far I’m enjoying the course.