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Boondocks and Space Pron Updated

The Boondocks PDF has been updated. There’s been a few typo errors fixed, a cover added and the nearly complete spacecraft rules added. It contains 29 pages and is 694kb in size and can be downloaded here. Feedback on the spacecraft rules would be greatly appreciated.

Also, some new images have been uploaded to the Space Pron archive. It now contains 522 images.

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Space Pron Archive Updated

My archive of Space Pron has been updated. It now has a jazzy new user interface so you can see a 3×5 grid of thumbnails of the images. There are now 482 images of spaceships, alien planets and other sci-fi scenes.

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PSP Wallpapers and Space Pron

I’m just uploaded 300 image files to my diino webspace. Mostly wallpapers for the PSP and sci-fi related images (spacecraft, battles, planets)

PSP Wallpapers

Space Pron

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