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Scion: Part 1 – Wolfspawn


With glowing red eyes, the wolfspawn slowly stalked down the darkened corridor, sniffing at the air. “Come out little boy, I know you’re in here. I can smell you.” The creature’s gravelly voice echoed through the abandoned apartment building, it’s six-foot form nearly filling the width of the rubbish-filled corridor. Suddenly his quarry, a teenage boy in ragged clothes, burst out of one the rooms and began running down the corridor. He was clutching his arm, blood trickling from between his fingers. Baring its fangs in a smile, the wolfspawn began running after him, its paws pounding on the floor; the hunt was on.

The boy darted down the corridor, leaping over obstacles and gaps in the floor. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw that the wolfspawn was rapidly gaining ground. He appeared to change his mind, instead of continuing to run towards the stairwell, he jumped through a hole in the plasterboard walls into one of the apartments. The wolfspawn followed, making a hole of its own as it ran straight through the thin walls in pursuit of the boy. The boy scrambled across the floor, shielding his eyes from the flying wall fragments. “Why can’t you just leave me alone?” He yelled desperately.

The wolfspawn didn’t answer and instead paced back and forth in front of the boy, savouring the smell of his blood. Without warning, it launched itself at the boy, its fangs bared and ready to strike. However, the boy quickly rolled out of the way, ducking under the wolfspawn and evading its jaws by a matter of inches. As the wolfspawn landed on the floor, the boy jumped to his feet and ran towards the boarded up windows. He brought both his arms up and leapt through the window, splintering the wooden planks. Sailing out the window, he plummeted towards the alleyway five stories below. The boy reached out and grabbed a telephone cable strung between the apartment building and its nearby neighbour. He grunted in pain as it arrested his fall but the strength of the cable wasn’t strong enough to take his weight and it snapped. Still holding onto it, the boy was swung down against the neighbouring building, slamming into the wall. The impact was hard, and try as he might he couldn’t stifle the yell of pain as he hit his injured arm. Watching from the window, the wolfspawn snarled as the boy let go of the cable, kicked off the wall, and somersaulted through the air before landing crouched on the floor. “You can run boy,” the wolfspawn called out, “but you can’t hide. I can smell your blood from a hundred miles away.” They locked eyes for several seconds, the boy panting heavily.

“I’ve gotten pretty good at running the last couple of years,” he yelled back before bolting down the alley.

Running into the deserted street, the boy jumped onto the bonnet of an abandoned car and used it as a launching point to leap clear over a chain link fence topped with razor wire. Landing on his feet, he quickly disappeared into the darkness of the junk yard beyond.

The wolfspawn howled in delight; this quarry was proving to be a little more elusive than he had first suspected. This was going to be fun. As the last echoes of the howl were lost to the wind, the wolfspawn leapt out of the window, bouncing from wall to wall on its way down to the ground. It ran across the road and used the same trick as the boy, using the abandoned car to leap over the fence. The immense weight of the wolfspawn crushed the car, causing the still unbroken side windows to explode outwards. It failed to clear the fence but the flimsy steel wire was no obstacle to the wolfspawn as it tore through it, buckling the fence as it chased the boy into the junk yard.

The air in the junk yard was a jumble of smells, oil, petrol and diesel, rusting metal, decaying rubber, decomposing body parts. From the smells, the wolfspawn knew that somebody had been busy in this yard, and not just in the scrap metal business. However, the many overlapping smells obscured the boy’s scent; he’d have to track the boy the old-fashioned way, by following his footprints.

Slowly, it began to creep between the mounds of scrap metal, keeping an eye on the piles of rusting cars. Any of them would make a good hiding place for the boy. A clatter of metal on metal echoed through the night, the sound bouncing around the junk yard like pulses of sonar. The wolfspawn could almost see the waves of sound as they swept past, tracking them back to their source and locking on to the boy’s location. It bounded up a pile of scrap, sliding down the far side into a cul-de-sac formed by three overflowing piles of scrap. As it landed, a miniature avalanche of scrap caused by its slide blocked the exit behind it and it looked over at the terrified boy, grinning a fang-filled smile.

The boy looked around, desperately searching for an exit and the wolfspawn watched as a look of terror passed over the boy’s face when he realised that he was trapped. He backed up against the pile of scrap behind him, trying to get as far away from the wolfspawn as possible. “Little boy, scared and all alone in the night,” the wolfspawn taunted as the boy nervously fiddled with an amulet around his neck, “got any last words before I feast on your heart?”

Taking down his hood, the boy looked up at the wolfspawn, smirking slightly. He grasped the amulet firmly, a wolf talon on an old leather string, the fear in his blue eyes gone and replaced by a mischievous twinkle. “Who said I was alone?” There was a burst of white light and a spectral form erupted from the talon, landing in front of the boy. The spectral form coalesced into that of a wolf, smaller than the wolfspawn, but no less impressive, it’s white and brown fur a stark contrast to the wolfspawn’s blood spattered grey. “Say hello to partner, Orin,” the boy said cracking his knuckles. A tattoo in the shape of a twisted four-pointed star on his right shoulder briefly glowed, its blue light shining faintly through the material of his hooded top. The light spread down the veins of his right arm before racing over the rest of his body, fading moments later. “You’ve hunted scions for the last time, spawn breath.”

Snarling, the wolfspawn charged at the pair, he wasn’t going to let some whelp and his mutt get the better of him. It was time to end this game.


“How’s the arm Cam?” Orin asked, walking over to the boy as he sat on a pile of tyres with a small backpack at his feet.

“Meh, I heal quickly enough.” Cam took off his hooded top and inspected the gash on his arm. It had been hurt when he had allowed the wolfspawn to slash him with its claws whilst it chased him. He had done this in an attempt to appear weak and helpless. It had been a calculated ploy, luring the wolfspawn into the ambush; one that Orin had not accepted without argument. Cam could tell that his friend and guardian was still a little mad at him for not listening. The gash wasn’t deep and it was still bleeding. He reached into the bag and pulled a strip of “clean” cloth that he used as a makeshift bandage, wrapping it around the wound. A little bit of blood soaked through but the material stopped the bleeding. The gash would probably leave a scar, but it wouldn’t be his first; he had a few already. With his top off, the scar he had received from a wolfspawn three years ago was clearly visible, slashing across his belly and left side. It was the first time he’d seen a monster and it was a night he’d like to forget, if only the nightmares would let him.

Satisfied that his arm was okay for the moment, he put his top back on, hopped off the tyres and walked over to the corpse of the wolfspawn. The beast hadn’t taken long to defeat, little more than five minutes. Between the two of them, they had managed to do it without sustaining any injuries more serious than a few grazes and bruises.

Taking out a small knife tucked into his sock, he reached down and cut off the long central talon from each of the wolfspawn’s claws. The creature’s eyes had also solidified in its death becoming red crystals. “These should be worth a bit on the market,” Cam said digging them out with the knife, “this city does have a goblin market, right?”

“As far as I know.”

There was a squelching sound from the corpse and it started to sag. It had only been dead for a couple of minutes but it was already starting to dissolve into a black, oil-like ichor. In a matter of seconds, there was nothing left of the wolfspawn except a pool of ichor. Cam knew that too would soon disappear, evaporating in the dawn sun. “Let’s get out of here Orin, I’m beat,” he said, putting the talons and eyes into the backpack.


What a sight they must make, Cam thought as they walked down the street. A scruffy homeless kid with dirty and ripped clothes, a blood soaked makeshift bandage around his upper arm visible through the torn sleeve of his stop, a scar on his face, and a large wolf-like dog following him like a loyal pet. Lucky for them it was past midnight and there was no one around to see them, at least no one who cared that is.

“You need to be more careful,” Orin said cautiously, coming up alongside him.

“What do you mean?” Cam asked innocently, knowing full well what Orin was going to say.

“Using yourself as bait like that, it’s reckless and stupid.” The wolf hopped in front of Cam, forcing him to stop. “The last time you faced a wolfspawn you were almost killed! This time you got lucky.”

“Last time,” Cam snapped, “there were four of them and I was just a kid.”

“You’re still a child Cam, and the only reason you survived before is that your father saved your life.”

“I’m not a kid anymore, I’m fifteen. And I asked you never to talk about that man!” Cam was almost yelling; his face flushed red with anger. He pushed past Orin and continued walking briskly down the street; his shoulders and back tensed.

Orin walked behind him for several minutes before Cam broke the awkward silence. “Sorry for yelling at you like that. You’re my oldest friend Orin; I know you’re only looking out for me.”

“You know, if you had been born in Ancient Greece, you would be considered a man by now,” Orin said, “and you would have been trained from birth in how to use your abilities.”

“Yeah,” Cam said smiling, “but the nearest I’ve been to Ancient Greece is Athens in Ohio. I guess I’ll just have to make do with what I learned in Ms McKenna’s seventh grade history lessons and watching way too many Jackie Chan movies as a kid.”

Orin laughed, which was a disturbing sight to those not used to the large wolf spirit. “I suppose that would explain your terrible form and lack of technique.”

“Did you just insult the fists?” Cam asked in mock indignation. “You do not insult the fists.”

Eventually, after nearly an hour of walking, they arrived at a sleazy motel. The sort of motel frequented by prostitutes and drug dealers and didn’t think twice about renting a room to an unaccompanied fifteen-year-old boy who paid in cash. He was sure the manager thought that he was some runaway kid or gang member and if wasn’t already involved in business of its two main group of clients, he soon would be. It was a dangerous place to stay, marginally safer than sleeping on the street, but only just. On his first night, he’d been accosted by a junkie attempting to steal what little money he had, probably trying to get his next fix. All that the man got of it though was a broken nose and a few bruises. Not long afterwards, he had been approached been a group of men decked out in bling and carrying poorly concealed handguns; their get up screamed gang members. They’d offered him a job, saying they could use a “scrappy little punk” like him. Cam had refused, politely but firmly; there was no way he was going to get involved with the drugs trade; or the sex trade for that matter, they had been disturbingly vague on what they wanted him for. He hoped they had gotten the message; he didn’t want any trouble from them.

With Orin close behind, Cam walked across the parking lot towards their room. The lot wasn’t deserted, even at this time of night; two men sat on the bonnet of a car, watching Cam closely. He kept his head down, watching the two men out of the corner of his eye. They were probably just lookouts for the gang that used the motel as a drug den and whorehouse, but he wasn’t taking any chances. Cam had been on the run for three years, hunted and tracked by monsters and individuals who wanted to kill him for what he was or wanted to use him for that same reason. He hadn’t survived this long by being complacent.

Cam didn’t relax until he was safely in his room; the door closed and jammed shut with a baseball bat. “I’m telling you Orin, if it weren’t for the fact that this is the only place we can stay without attracting too much attention, I’d seriously consider finding somewhere else.”

“Pity,” a voice said from the darkness, “this place has character.”

Cam span round, slapping the light switch and dropping into a combat crouch. Why hadn’t Orin detected someone was in the room? His heart was pounding, adrenaline coursing through his system. Then, he saw who the intruder was.

Sitting in a chair, with a bottle of beer in his hand, was a gruff middle-aged man in a leather jacket. Leaning against a wall shotgun and massive sword, its blade at least two meters hilt to tip. Cam stood up and fixed the man with a smouldering glare. “Ares, what the hell do you want?”

The Greek god of war sighed. “Just once, would it kill you to call me dad?”



This is a character I’m planning on playing in a 4th Edition Eberron game. He’ll be a 3rd Level Shifter, either Fighter or Monk class.

Age 6

Born into a small tribe of shifters in the Eldeen Reaches, Kam spent his early childhood in a village deep within the forests. As the Last War raged elsewhere in Khorvaire, the Black Talon Tribe was mostly untouched by the war. Kam filled his days with fishing, playing with his friends and exploring the woods around the village. Kam was an only child and was very close to his parents. His father, the village chief was very protective of his son.

Towards the end of the war, the fighting began to move towards the borders of the Reaches. The village’s warriors left to join the other villages in order to repel the invaders. They believed that their village was safe, far from the frontlines.Age 8 They were wrong. While the village was left relatively unguarded, raiders snuck over the border and attacked. Most of the women and children were able to escape, but Kam and his mother were not so lucky. As Kam hid, he watched as the raiders butchered those that hadn’t been able to escape. Then they reached his hut. From his hiding place, he saw one of the raiders kill his mother. Enraged, he leapt out of hiding and attacked the man, killing him. Before he could do anything more, another raider struck him on the side of the head knocking him unconscious. The leader of the raiders stopped his men from killing Kam, recognising the boy’s natural fighting ability was worth more than a few coin. He took the boy prisoner and left with the spoils of their raid. That was the last time Kam saw his home.

Age 12

Kam was sold to a particularly cruel master. He beat and tortured the boy, chaining him up like an animal and forcing him into caged fights withmonsters and other slaves. After one particularly gruelling battle which Kam lost, his master lost a lot of money and ordered the boy whipped as punishment. However, tired of hearing Kam screaming for mercy, he strode into the boy’s cell, grabbed the boy’s tongue and cut it out, yelling at the boy that “speech is for people, not beasts like you!” Afterwards, Kam’s mind retreated deep within itself, unable to cope any longer with the abuses. The primal part of him, the part that is within all Shifter’s, took over and in order to survive, he became little more than an animal.

The years passed slowly for Kam who rapidly moved up the pit-fighting circle as his combat skills improved. Eventually, he was traded to an organised crime syndicate from Sharn in order to pay off a debt. Slavery and deathAge 14matches of the type that Kam was forced to fight in were illegal in Sharn, but very lucrative. Thousands of gold pieces could be on every fight, and a fighter like Kam was worth a lot of money. Now fourteen, the boy began to be used as a deterrent by the syndicate. “Pay your debts or we’ll put you in the cage with the kid and let him go wild.” The bloodlust of the crowd was insatiable and the desire for blood and ever more violent battles drove the syndicate to abduct citizens from Sharn’s lower levels. This was what led a small band ofadventurers to the syndicate’s door. They had been investigating the disappearance of one of their comrades who had vanished while visiting the lower levels. They followed the trail to the arena but they found that their friend had already died in the pit, killed by a young Shifter slave, Kam. Luckily, one of the adventurers managed to convince her comrades not to take their revenge on the boy, but on the slave masters and owners of the pit. They freed the slaves and shut down the pit for good.

After being freed with the rest of the slaves, Kam’s future was uncertain. Traumatised by the years spent fighting in the pit, he was feral and barely able to communicate with anyone. He couldn’t remember anything about his past or where he had come from; nor could he remember his own name. “Kam” was the name given to him by one of the adventurers. Luckily, his rescuers Age 15took pity on the boy and allowed him to “tag along,” if only to keep him out of trouble. Over the next few months, Kam slowly recovered as his new companions learned to communicate with him through sign language. Everything was new to him, and he was often left wide-eyed with wonder when taken to a new place. Kam’s fighting abilities proved useful to the party, even if his newfound personality disappeared during combat, being replaced by his old animal self. A savage and uncontrolled fighter, he preferred to fight unarmed or with the aid of spiked gauntlets, a weapon that seemed particularly well suited to his unorthodox fighting “style.” Still, mentally he was on the mend. Kam is loyal to a fault to his new friends, showing them the same kind of devotion that a loyal dog might show to his master. He still has a lot to learn about how to behave in public, often acting shy or defensive around strangers. If anyone threatens him or his friends, his gentle nature is quick to disappear, and he once again becomes a savage attack dog.


Jared and DefenderSay hello to 16-year-old Jared Sanchez in his role as the armoured superhero Defender.

Physical Description & Appearance

Jared is just over 1.72 meters (5′ 9″) tall and weighs 65.77 kg (145 lbs). He has a muscular build and his hands and skin are rough from working outdoors helping his grandfather in the scrap yard. He has brown eyes and blue hair. His skin colour is slightly darker than Caucasian and is indicative of his Mexican origins. He also has a single gold ring in each ear.

Clothing wise, Jared prefers loose fitting garments that are easier to move around in. He wears a full motocross helmet when using his dirt bike, which, unlike the bike was not salvaged and was bought new.

Defender Armour

The new Mk 1 Defender Armour is a vast improvement over the prototype model that Jared used previously. The Z-Neutrino energy projector, which was capable of molecular disintegration has been replaced by a shoulder mounted missile launcher armed with 5 Particle Impulse missiles. The warheads cause localised gravitational stresses at the impact point which ignore armour.

A 9 terrawatt particle beam forms the armour’s main offensive ranged weapon. Since it is capable of being modulated to a non-lethal frequency, Jared prefers to use it over less subtle attack methods.

Sonic dampners and smart liquid crystal coating give the armour an impressive stealth mode. Although it’s not possible to render the suit completely invisible, it comes damn close to being invisible in poor lighting conditions.

One of the improvements that Jared made was to the helmet. Making it much easier to remove in an emergency. Since the suit is environmentally sealed, it is air tight. A fatal vulnerability when the suit is struck by an EMP. Something that Jared discovered by accident when fighting a smarter than average bank robber.

The armour plates and skintanium undersuit are impervious to normal gunfire.

Finally, the “production” model has two features that his father never thought to include in the prototype. An XM Satellite Radio with MP3 playback capability. And air conditioning.


Jared is the most recent incarnation of Defender. A position he inherited when his father, the previous Defender, died. He himself had inherited it from his father, Jared’s grandfather.

From an early age, Jared was mostly raised by his Grandfather. Both his mother and father had full time jobs that often involved lengthy overtime. Consequently, Jared would often go to the scrap yard owned by his grandfather after school until one of his parents (usually his mother) picked him up.

His father’s night time activities as Defender prevented him from spending a lot of time with his son. When his mother was killed in a car crash shortly after his 7th birthday, Jared’s grandfather increasingly began to look after the boy during the week. Because of this, father and son began to grow apart.

Although Jared now knows the reason behind his father’s frequent absences, at the time this caused some friction between the two of them. It is ironic that Jared had an unofficial poster of Defender printed by a comic book on his bedroom wall. Jared looked up to the hero but his father never felt it was right to tell him the truth. He was still too young.

When Jared turned nine, his father bought him a dog as a birthday present. Jared named him Bucky and the two have become inseparable. When his father died, Jared refused to come out of his room for two days and Bucky was the only one he allowed inside.

The presence of his grandfather was a stabilising influence for Jared growing up and he instilled in the boy a strong sense of right and wrong. Since he spent much of his time at his grandfathers scrap yard, Jared became interested in mechanics and, encouraged by his grandfather, he spent two months restoring a dirt bike someone had dumped at the scrap yard.

18 months ago, Jared’s father was seriously wounded during a battle. Although he defeated the foe he was fighting and handed him over to the police, the wounds he had sustained were ultimately fatal. He had lost a lot of blood and was suffering from major internal bleeding. Sam made it home before finally succumbing to his wounds, dying on the kitchen floor.

Jared was not home that evening. He had been at the inaugural game for the city’s new baseball team, the Liberty Rockets, with his friends Mark and Lee. The only person home at the time was Jared’s grandfather. He realised that if Defender’s real identity was ever revealed it would place his grandson’s life in danger so he stripped his son of his costume and made it look like he was the tragic victim of a home invasion. Jared came home to find police cars surrounding his home and his father’s body being loaded into the coroners van. Since his grandfather was his only living relative, Jared went to live with his grandfather at the scrap yard.

Two months later, Jared discovered a hidden workshop inside several connected boxcars buried beneath a pile of rusting cars. Inside he found his grandfathers old costume, his father’s bloodstained bodysuit and the prototype BattleSuit built by his father. After Jared confronted him, his grandfather admitted that his father had been Defender and that he had been Defender before him. He had concealed the truth as he felt the boy would not understand and would do something foolish like use the BattleSuit to pick up where his father was left off. Being Defender had robbed him of his legs, taken his son and he’d be damned if he would lose his grandson too.

Of course, there was no going back now. Jared wouldn’t take “you’re too young” as an answer. He’d carry on the “family business” either with or without his grandfather’s help. Therefore, to ensure that he didn’t get himself killed, he began training Jared to use the suit and the various gadgets that he had built with his son. As far as the media and the public are concerned, Defender is back. No one knows that Defender is the grandson of Mexican immigrants and no one suspects that he is really a 16-year-old kid in a suit of power armour pretending to be his father.

Recently there has been a dramatic increase in gang violence in North Edge, and the neighbourhood has been described as a “virtual war zone” by some in the media. With the team scattered, Jared has been left to deal with the situation by himself and has quickly become overwhelmed. His grandfather is increasingly worried that his grandson is pushing himself too hard. The team’s base was badly damaged during the Battle of Liberty City and was abandoned. Since then, Jared has taken to expanding the hidden bunker under the scrapyard, hollowing out the ground and building a garage and workshop. With his grandfather’s help, Jared has also been able to correct some of the design flaws in the original Defender Armour. Its obvious that his father never intended the prototype to be used “in the field”.


Casey Jones (15/F)
Best friends since kindergarten school, Casey and Jared have grown up together, each looking out for the other and getting each other in trouble with their parents. Jared is unfortunately having an iPod moment when it comes to Casey. Over the years, she has developed feelings for Jared that he is completely oblivious to. She has recently discovered that the Defender is really Jared.

Mark Robins (16/M)
When Mark’s parents moved to Liberty from the East Coast two years ago, Jared was the first kid at school to speak to him, since then they have remained close friends. Mark’s parents don’t know that Jared got him into dirt bikes. They would be shocked to know that the two often take to the hills on a weekend on bikes. Mark hides his bike at Jared’s.

Lee Tyre (15/M)
When they first met in elementary school, Lee and Jared fought like cats and dogs. Every week they were sent to the principal for fighting. Eventually they both gained a grudging tolerance of each other and soon a mutual respect. Lee is a big animé fan and a huge Megas XLR fanatic, despite its cancellation.

Bucky (6/M)
Jared’s pet dog.

Warp – Sarah Jenkins (15/F)
A student at North Edge High that gained teleportation powers after taking drugs at an illegal rave. Afterwards she began a short-lived career as a “super” villain. However, she soon began to rethink this decision and took on a different persona as a night time hero. Sarah took shop class with Jared and it was there that he recognised her as “Pest” (as he called her while she was still a villain). For some reason he didn’t turn her in and eventually persuaded her to change sides. Sarah is currently Jared’s girlfriend.

The Eye (??/M)
He’s terribly mysterious. He’s also Jared’s history teacher and “partner in crime.”

“Mr Cooper” (37/M)
Shortly after Jared’s father died, Jared was badly beaten in a fight with Robin, North Edge High’s biggest jock and biggest jerk. After picking himself up off the floor, Jared met a stranger who offered to teach him how to defend himself properly. Over the next few months, Jared regularly met with Mr Cooper at a gym and after Jared found out the truth about his father, Mr Cooper was there to offer advice and guidance. Jared has always felt that he could tell him anything and be sure of complete secrecy.
Cooper is a Watchman, a member of a secret society formed entirely from the spirits of dead heroes given the chance to return to the mortal world in order to guide the next generation of heroes. He is also Jared’s dead father. Sam is taking the opportunity to be there for his son, something he always assumed there would be time for while he was alive. Eventually, Jared will no longer need Cooper’s guidance or advice and when that time comes, Sam will return to the afterlife and all memory of Mr Cooper will fade from the mortal realm.

Rogues Gallery

The Masked Bandito (?/M)
Other villains shun him, heroes detest him. The Masked Bandito is an embarrassment to the costumed villain world. A self-proclaimed “Protector” of the “oppressed Hispanic peoples of the south west.” Unfortunately, his “protection” seems to consist of armed robbery, petty crime and vandalism. He has been arrested and deported back to Mexico a number of times. Each time he comes back to the US to cause trouble. He is an incompetent pest with a inflated sense of his own importance and ability.

Amy Chang, Action 5 News (29/F)
Action 5’s crusading reporter and a minor celebrity in Liberty. When the crap hits the fan, Sharon Chang is often on the scene before anyone else in the Action 5 News Chopper. For some reason Chang has it in for Defender and she is determined to discover who the Defender really is.

Carlos Mendez (15/M)
Carlos and Jared used to be friends. Carlos was always the wilder one of the pair. Their friendship faltered when Carlos began to hang with the wrong crowd and get involved in petty crime. When Carlos joined a street gang, he tried to get Jared involved. Jared refused and their friendship further deteriorated.
Last month Carlos turned up at the scrap yard asking for Jared’s help in hiding some stolen drugs. Jared refused, unwilling to break the law that he had been brought up to respect. However, he didn’t report the incident to the police or tell his grandfather. Jared is torn, on one hand he feels that he let their former friendship get in the way of doing the right thing, but on the other, Carlos asked for his help and Jared has always been loyal to his friends. It doesn’t help that Carlos has been missing now for two weeks.

Doppel (?/?)
Human or otherwise, the entity known as Doppel is wanted in 39 US states and 3 Canadian Provinces for multiple counts of murder and identity theft. He is number four on the FBI Most Wanted List. No one knows what Doppel looks like or whether he is male or female. This is because of the method of his crimes. By “absorbing” one of a victim’s internal organs, he gains the ability to alter his appearance to an exact likeness of his victim. He also gains complete access to their memories. An organ absorbed by Doppel replaces his own and he can use that victim’s likeness as long as he keeps the organ. Doppel is capable of absorbing hearts, livers, kidneys and lungs so he can morph to 6 different identities as well as his own. He poses as his victim long enough to drain all financial accounts and wreck the person’s life.
Recently he has begun to choose his victims more carefully in order to work his way up the corporate and government chain of power.

Lucian Carvelo (56/M)
Once one of the biggest crime lords in Liberty City, his criminal empire came crashing down in the early 90s when thanks to the actions of the second Defender, he was convicted and incarcerated. Lucian swore revenge on the man (or woman) that had ruined him and he spent the next ten years gathering any scrap of information on Defender that he could get his hands on. Shortly after his release, he finally gained conclusive proof who Defender was but by that time it was too late, Sam Sanchez had died two months earlier. Although Lucian was aware that Sam had family, Lucian was a throwback to an older type of criminal. One that believed that an enemy’s family members were not legitimate targets.
Then, Defender reappeared after an 8-month absence. Lucian studied this new Defender and saw that his fighting style was the same as the previous and that the new BattleSuit seemed to be an evolution of the second Defenders body armour. Even the energy weapon used by the armour shared similarities with the old Defender Rifle. Could Sam Sanchez have faked his own death?

An Update

Well, it seems to have been a busy month. Uploaded three chapters, each for a different story.

An Unlikely Hero has been a pleasant surprise for me. So far it’s turned out quite well and the latest chapter (Chapter Four) has really advanced the plot. In fact this was the chapter in which I really worked out what the plot was going to be. When I first started writing AUH, all I had was in my head was the image of the main character being brutally killed in the first chapter yet somehow miraculously coming back to life.

Chapter Six has been a long time coming. The last chapter was posted way back in August of last year. I got pretty bad writer’s block at the start of the chapter. I knew that Trace (the main character) was going to save the day, I also knew that there was no way he could take out Dorga and his goons in combat. Unless of course it was in an extended “Home-Alone” style guerilla campaign. In hindsight that would have been kinda cool but would’ve taken ages to write. This chapter also revealed the final bits and pieces of the kid’s backstory and exactly what the relationship between him and Dorga was.

After taking a break to write four chapters of AUH, I returned to RS with The Tattoo. I’m glad to return to this story, as its the longest I’ve every written and there’s still so much I want to write. I really want to finish this some day. This particular chapter pretty much has nothing to do with the plot of the story, so it could be seen as filler. It does however ramp up the tension between Ryan and Boris.

These two almost came to blows in this chapter and only the timely arrival of Daniel prevented a knife fight from breaking out. This chapter also introduced Bucky. A last minuted inclusion, I never intended to introduce a dog but somehow, that section just wrote itself.  Bucky is in fact the dog owned by my Mutants and Masterminds character, Jared Sanchez. Ryan’s little joke about the reason behind Bucky’s name is painful in origin, as it was originally the reason why I called my character’s dog Bucky in the M&M game. I pretty much got the same reaction from the GM and other players as Ryan did. As I said, its painful.
Exams are starting this week in programming and computing, as long as I don’t freeze up they should be a cake walk. Maths next week I’m less confident about.

Skater Kid


Ryan / Alex

Ryan / Alex

Had a geography exam on Monday, finished early so started doodling in my notebook. One of the doodles caught my eye and when I got home I decided to do a proper version.


It was of the main character Ryan Henderson the Ryan’s Story series. Until now, I’ve pretty much drawn him in warm bulky clothing. Decided to try something more “summery.” Like this, I suppose he looks more like a skater and less like an emo kid. This particular version of the character is taken from a future point in the story after he gets a new skateboard and tattoo. The tattoo (which since he is only fourteen was done illegally) is a ritual tattoo. Its magic protects Ryan from hostile magics like curses. He gets it sometime after part 9 (which is the part after the one I’m currently writing). His foster parents weren’t exactly pleased when they found out.

I’m also planning on using it for a supers game. In that game, the character (Alex McCendrick) will have the ability to “summon” a magical sword by pulling the image of it off the bottom of his skateboard which also becomes a shield in the process. Not thought too much about THIS character apart from whats written above. That said, I may use the sword idea for Ryan as well.

Click for the full version

Killing Game Interest

So, our 4th Ed game (see here and here) has finally come to an end. I can’t say that I’m unhappy about that. That last few weeks its felt more like a chore than something fun. Although I was sckeptical about 4th edition, I did begin to enjoy it. That was until lady luck decided to shaft me. For 3 weeks I was unable to roll above a 4 on a d20. For three stinking weeks. Coupled with the fact that the game was basically: Enter room, kill occupants, loot bodies/room, enter new room. There was virtually no character interaction of roleplaying. Together this completly killed my interest in the game/system.


That said, a friend has convinced me to join the game he’s playing in a few weeks. So I’m ready to give it 4E another chance. But this is the last time.

Ty Ellison

So, been playing 4th Edition for the last few weeks on Monday. Despite the rough start, I’ve really started to enjoy playing my character, a 16-year-old “i’m not a thief!” Rogue. Only about 48xp from 3rd level.

Did some more doodling over the weekend and ended up with the piccy to the left. It’s meant to be Ty. Probably just got out of bed or something. Screwed up a little on the ears. He’s meant to be half-elf so he should have elven ears, not human.

Apart from that I kinda like this pic. I’m also using it as a character ref for one of the characters (Ben Ford) in the next chapter of Ryan’s Story.

Ty Ellison -DnD4E Character

Ty Ellison, 1st level Rogue

: 16
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 134 Ibs
Hair: Scruffy blond
Eyes: Blue

: Sugared Apples, Reckless Stunts
Dislikes: Bullies and Tyrants, Sticklers for the Rules
Fears: Spiders and Ghosts
Favourite Bards: Crossbows and Roses, Blink Dog 182, AC/HP, My Alchemical Romance

Ty grew up in the village of Benbridge on the western shores of Arcadia. A small woodland kingdom, it’s predominantly a human realm but it does have a large elven population that make up most of the kingdom’s nobility. Consequently, there are also a large number of half-elves present in Arcadia.
The illegitimate son of the local Lord, Ty was raised by his mother who was a maid in the Lord’s household. His father made sure that all his offspring, legitimate or otherwise, had at least some education. Although he was a bright child, it was clear that Ty did not have the temperament or attention span for “book learning”. Like most young boy’s he dreamed of a life filled with adventure and heroic battles. When he was not in school or playing with his friends, Ty worked in the stables.
One day, whilst out in the forest alone gathering fire wood for the kitchens, Ty came across a strange red gemstone buried in the undergrowth. The uncut gem sparkled in the early morning sunlight. He put the stone in his pocket and didn’t think anything more of it. Later that night, Ty took the stone out and examined it. In the dim candlelight of his room, Ty realised that the stone glowed softly and sparkles danced inside it. Intrigued, on his next day off he went back to the woods to see if he could find another.
While there, he stumbled across a group of men searching for the stone. The stone apparently had some sort of mystical quality that their employers desired. With weapons drawn, they threatened the boy who, armed only with a small knife, ran. The men gave chase, taking pot shots and Ty with spells and arrows. Thanks to his agility and knowledge of the local woods, Ty was able to fend them off just long enough to reach the village. Ty hid while the Lord’s guardsmen fought the men. One of the cowl-wearing men found Ty’s hiding place and attempted to kill the boy in order to retrieve the stone. Fighting for his life, Ty mortally wounded the man and escaped. The rest of the men were killed by the Lord’s guardsmen.
Shortly after the incident, Ty decided to leave Benbridge figuring that now was a good opportunity as any to seek adventure. He took the stone with him and still wears it around his neck, considering it a good luck charm.

Character Sheet

Character Sheet Archive Updated

I’ve uploaded another character sheet to the Archive.

I’ve also uploaded a bunch of new sheets for characters that I’ve played recently in a number of game systems.

All these sheets are in PDF format.

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Atomik Blast

The following is a character for an online Marvel Universe game.

full body picReal Name Alexis Kurgonov
Aliases Mikhail Polevoi, Ivan Petrov
Nationality Ukrainian
Age 20
Born 1st January 1987
Height 6’0″
Weight 170lbs
Eyes Green
Hair Brown

Intelligence 3
Strength 4
Agility 5
Speed 4
Durability 6

Health 6
Energy 18

Armour Penetration

  • Ignore enemy armour/toughness

Claws 3

  • +3 to Close Combat
  • Retractable

Wealth: (0 Dead Broke)

Mutant: Human Appearance
Deadly Enemy: Russian Mafia (2 stones)
Deadly Enemy: Street Gang (1 stones)

Clothes, Beat up old pick up

Close Combat 4

  • Agility Bonus or Weapon Bonus
  • Combat using body or non-ranged weapons
  • For combat within a few feet
  • Split Stones for multiple targets
  • x2 Damage
  • Street Boxing
  • It Slices, it Dices
  • Martial Arts
  • That’s a tender spot

Gambling 3

  • Intelligence Bonus
  • Agility Bonus (when cheating)
  • Poker
  • Russian Roulette
  • Spot Cheating

Social Skills 3

  • Interaction with NPCs
  • Ukrainian Languages and Culture
  • Streetwise
  • Smack-Talk


I grew up in a town called Slavutych in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine. Slavutych is located about 50km east of Chernobyl. Hands up anyone who doesn’t recognise that name … No one? Didn’t think so. It was built just after the accident to replace the city of Pripyat which had to be evacuated. Its only about 20km outside the “Radiation Zone” and it had to be that close so that the people working at the plant could commute in and out of the zone easily. Yeah, they plant still operated afterwards. Only one of the four reactors blew and the plant continued to operate for about 14 years even after Reactor 2 caught fire in 91. The last reactor was finally shut down in 2000.
My father was a technician at the plant and my mother was a nurse at the local hospital. They met during the chaos following the blast they got married a few months later in Kiev and 10 months after they met I was born. Despite the site of the worlds worst nuclear accident being “just down the road”,life in Slavutych wasn’t all that bad. Not the usual Soviet crap-crete apartment blocks either. Weird thing though, Slavutych has the youngest population in Ukraine, one of the highest birth rates and one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the country.
Things were normal for while. When I was eight however, a stay dog got in the back yard and attacked me. Screaming in panic, I lashed out and with a yelp, the dogs head flew across the garden. My parents came running out and were shocked to see foot long blades of energy sprouting out of my forearms. Over the next few days we managed to get it under control. My parents, probably remembering the disappearances of mutants under Soviet rule, persuaded me to keep my mutant abilities a secret. Over the next few years I noticed that I was also naturally stronger, faster and fitter than the other kids of my age.
Most of the people who lived in Slavutych (population 25’000) where former residents of Pripyat and the plant was a major employer in the town. When it closed down unemployment in Slavutych rose sharply. Prospects being what they were, after I finished high school I left to find work.
Using a second hand pick-up, I moved around a lot doing odd jobs. At some point along the way, I discovered two things. Firstly it was possible to make money gambling and betting on fights. Secondly you make even more money doing the fighting. On thing lead to another and I soon found myself at the wrong end of a gun being held by a self-professed “gangsta” telling me to take a dive.
Two minutes later, he had a broken nose, a shattered wrist and a concussion from where I’d smacked him in the head with his own gun. I stuffed him in a locker before I went to the pit. My opponent (a vicious SOB that broke the arms of all his opponents, especially those paid to throw the fight) never new what him. 90 seconds after entering the pit he was down for the count. Two minutes later I was out of the door with my winnings and in the pick up driving out of town.
Turns out I didn’t make as clean a getaway as I thought. The grapevine has it that the guy I stuffed in a locker was “connected” if you know what I mean. Time to lay low.
Some time later I was staying in St Petersburg when a bunch of punks tried to knock over the petrol station I was at. Acting purely on instinct I moved behind one and smashed a bottle of ketchup over his head with my left hand while chopping the small of his back with my right. The other punk turned round and saw the commotion, raising his shotgun to fire. In a flash, I activated my Blades and sliced the barrel in two. At the same time he fired, but luckily for me the slug was vaporised as it hit the atomic fire of the blades. While he was still in shock I swept his legs from under him and knocked him out.
The owner was so grateful that he let me fill up the pick-up for free and take a box of snacks and water. He even offered to “forget” what I look like when he reported the incident to the police.
Things changed after that. People started asking me to help solve a few “personnel problems”. I became kinda known as the person who could things done. Got a problem with gangs or had some thug that needed to be taught a lesson. The person they came to was me.
I probably could’ve charged quite a bit for this service but I was happy with just a full tank of petrol, a place to sleep and a good meal. Of course, some people still insist on some financial compensation but they usually find most of it mailed back to the a few days later.
I realised it felt pretty good helping people with their problems. Even if it did mean breaking the law a few times. I still had to keep the mutant genes under wraps but most people weren’t that bothered about it if it helped get the job done.

Despite the fact that the mob is after him and gangs across Eastern Europe want to break more than just both his legs, Alexis as a pretty cavalier attitude. The $1000 price on his head (about 25’000 roubles) is treated pretty much as a badge of pride.
Alexis rarely thinks about the consequences of his actions beyond the immediate future and despite his relatively poor finances, enjoys his semi-mobile lifestyle.

Power Manifestation
The only visible aspect of Alexis’s mutant status are the twin blades of energy the manifest themselves. They erupt from the forearm extend about 15cm from the fingertips engulfing the entire hand. The “Blades” as Alexis calls them appear to be made from pure energy and blue-white in colour. Similar to the actinic-flash of a nuclear detonation.
When dormant, they are completely invisible and undetectable. Recently Alexis has learned to “spark the Blades” by rubbing his knuckles together as one would strike sparks from a flint.
When active, the Blades give off heat and light making them difficult to hide. In fact, under thermal imaging the blades are white-hot being in the order of some thousands of degrees centigrade. Luckily for Alexis, and anyone nearby, the vast majority of that heat is contained by the Blade. Using the Blades in combat is a little tricky, as they have no mass are completely intangible. After much practice, Alexis has learnt compensate for this.
Alexis’s other mutant powers are completely passive in nature. Enhanced speed and strength and superhuman levels of agility, stamina and health. He has always been careful to hide the extent of these abilities so as not to tip off anyone in regards to his mutant status.

Enemiesupper body pick
Alexis hasn’t exactly been making friends with the street gangs and local thugs. His vigilante activity has made him some enemies in the gang-culture of Eastern Europe. Specifically in Russia and Ukraine.
His biggest problem is with organised prime. His little stunt at the pit fight in Kiev has earned him the wrath of the Russian Mafia. Add to that the fact that some of the gang members he’s dealt with have ties to the mob and he’d in a bit of trouble. So far however, its not been too serious.

Friends Family
Both his parents are still alive. His father now works at the monitoring station at Chernobyl and his mother still works at the hospital. She is currently studying part time to become a fully qualified doctor. Alexis has stayed in contact with them both, regularly writing letters or emails. Neither is aware of what he really does for a living.
Alexis has also tried to keep in touch with a number of close school friends since he left town. A number of them have traveled to Western Europe in order to find work. He also makes a few friends in whatever local community he is currently staying in.
He still has one friend left from the brief time he spent on the illegal fighting circuit. Yuri Nemerov. Yuri, a former fighter, has risen to become one of the main organisers in the Kiev region. The two met in the pit and developed a grudging a respect for each other. This grew into a true friendship one night when Yuri was jumped in an alley behind a bar staging a fight. The men were from a rival syndicate and their intended to punish Yuri for beating one of their guys in a fight. They intended for Yuri to suffer from “terminal lead poisoning”. Alexis had popped into the alley for a piss and saw what was about to happen. He saved Yuri’s life and the two became fast friends. After Alexis was forced to flee Kiev, Yuri kept in touch passing along any info the mob might have on Alexis thanks to his position with them.

You got two choices, you either put the gun down. Or I make you eat it. If you’re lucky maybe it won’t fire when you swallow.

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