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Atomik Blast

The following is a character for an online Marvel Universe game.

full body picReal Name Alexis Kurgonov
Aliases Mikhail Polevoi, Ivan Petrov
Nationality Ukrainian
Age 20
Born 1st January 1987
Height 6’0″
Weight 170lbs
Eyes Green
Hair Brown

Intelligence 3
Strength 4
Agility 5
Speed 4
Durability 6

Health 6
Energy 18

Armour Penetration

  • Ignore enemy armour/toughness

Claws 3

  • +3 to Close Combat
  • Retractable

Wealth: (0 Dead Broke)

Mutant: Human Appearance
Deadly Enemy: Russian Mafia (2 stones)
Deadly Enemy: Street Gang (1 stones)

Clothes, Beat up old pick up

Close Combat 4

  • Agility Bonus or Weapon Bonus
  • Combat using body or non-ranged weapons
  • For combat within a few feet
  • Split Stones for multiple targets
  • x2 Damage
  • Street Boxing
  • It Slices, it Dices
  • Martial Arts
  • That’s a tender spot

Gambling 3

  • Intelligence Bonus
  • Agility Bonus (when cheating)
  • Poker
  • Russian Roulette
  • Spot Cheating

Social Skills 3

  • Interaction with NPCs
  • Ukrainian Languages and Culture
  • Streetwise
  • Smack-Talk


I grew up in a town called Slavutych in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine. Slavutych is located about 50km east of Chernobyl. Hands up anyone who doesn’t recognise that name … No one? Didn’t think so. It was built just after the accident to replace the city of Pripyat which had to be evacuated. Its only about 20km outside the “Radiation Zone” and it had to be that close so that the people working at the plant could commute in and out of the zone easily. Yeah, they plant still operated afterwards. Only one of the four reactors blew and the plant continued to operate for about 14 years even after Reactor 2 caught fire in 91. The last reactor was finally shut down in 2000.
My father was a technician at the plant and my mother was a nurse at the local hospital. They met during the chaos following the blast they got married a few months later in Kiev and 10 months after they met I was born. Despite the site of the worlds worst nuclear accident being “just down the road”,life in Slavutych wasn’t all that bad. Not the usual Soviet crap-crete apartment blocks either. Weird thing though, Slavutych has the youngest population in Ukraine, one of the highest birth rates and one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the country.
Things were normal for while. When I was eight however, a stay dog got in the back yard and attacked me. Screaming in panic, I lashed out and with a yelp, the dogs head flew across the garden. My parents came running out and were shocked to see foot long blades of energy sprouting out of my forearms. Over the next few days we managed to get it under control. My parents, probably remembering the disappearances of mutants under Soviet rule, persuaded me to keep my mutant abilities a secret. Over the next few years I noticed that I was also naturally stronger, faster and fitter than the other kids of my age.
Most of the people who lived in Slavutych (population 25’000) where former residents of Pripyat and the plant was a major employer in the town. When it closed down unemployment in Slavutych rose sharply. Prospects being what they were, after I finished high school I left to find work.
Using a second hand pick-up, I moved around a lot doing odd jobs. At some point along the way, I discovered two things. Firstly it was possible to make money gambling and betting on fights. Secondly you make even more money doing the fighting. On thing lead to another and I soon found myself at the wrong end of a gun being held by a self-professed “gangsta” telling me to take a dive.
Two minutes later, he had a broken nose, a shattered wrist and a concussion from where I’d smacked him in the head with his own gun. I stuffed him in a locker before I went to the pit. My opponent (a vicious SOB that broke the arms of all his opponents, especially those paid to throw the fight) never new what him. 90 seconds after entering the pit he was down for the count. Two minutes later I was out of the door with my winnings and in the pick up driving out of town.
Turns out I didn’t make as clean a getaway as I thought. The grapevine has it that the guy I stuffed in a locker was “connected” if you know what I mean. Time to lay low.
Some time later I was staying in St Petersburg when a bunch of punks tried to knock over the petrol station I was at. Acting purely on instinct I moved behind one and smashed a bottle of ketchup over his head with my left hand while chopping the small of his back with my right. The other punk turned round and saw the commotion, raising his shotgun to fire. In a flash, I activated my Blades and sliced the barrel in two. At the same time he fired, but luckily for me the slug was vaporised as it hit the atomic fire of the blades. While he was still in shock I swept his legs from under him and knocked him out.
The owner was so grateful that he let me fill up the pick-up for free and take a box of snacks and water. He even offered to “forget” what I look like when he reported the incident to the police.
Things changed after that. People started asking me to help solve a few “personnel problems”. I became kinda known as the person who could things done. Got a problem with gangs or had some thug that needed to be taught a lesson. The person they came to was me.
I probably could’ve charged quite a bit for this service but I was happy with just a full tank of petrol, a place to sleep and a good meal. Of course, some people still insist on some financial compensation but they usually find most of it mailed back to the a few days later.
I realised it felt pretty good helping people with their problems. Even if it did mean breaking the law a few times. I still had to keep the mutant genes under wraps but most people weren’t that bothered about it if it helped get the job done.

Despite the fact that the mob is after him and gangs across Eastern Europe want to break more than just both his legs, Alexis as a pretty cavalier attitude. The $1000 price on his head (about 25’000 roubles) is treated pretty much as a badge of pride.
Alexis rarely thinks about the consequences of his actions beyond the immediate future and despite his relatively poor finances, enjoys his semi-mobile lifestyle.

Power Manifestation
The only visible aspect of Alexis’s mutant status are the twin blades of energy the manifest themselves. They erupt from the forearm extend about 15cm from the fingertips engulfing the entire hand. The “Blades” as Alexis calls them appear to be made from pure energy and blue-white in colour. Similar to the actinic-flash of a nuclear detonation.
When dormant, they are completely invisible and undetectable. Recently Alexis has learned to “spark the Blades” by rubbing his knuckles together as one would strike sparks from a flint.
When active, the Blades give off heat and light making them difficult to hide. In fact, under thermal imaging the blades are white-hot being in the order of some thousands of degrees centigrade. Luckily for Alexis, and anyone nearby, the vast majority of that heat is contained by the Blade. Using the Blades in combat is a little tricky, as they have no mass are completely intangible. After much practice, Alexis has learnt compensate for this.
Alexis’s other mutant powers are completely passive in nature. Enhanced speed and strength and superhuman levels of agility, stamina and health. He has always been careful to hide the extent of these abilities so as not to tip off anyone in regards to his mutant status.

Enemiesupper body pick
Alexis hasn’t exactly been making friends with the street gangs and local thugs. His vigilante activity has made him some enemies in the gang-culture of Eastern Europe. Specifically in Russia and Ukraine.
His biggest problem is with organised prime. His little stunt at the pit fight in Kiev has earned him the wrath of the Russian Mafia. Add to that the fact that some of the gang members he’s dealt with have ties to the mob and he’d in a bit of trouble. So far however, its not been too serious.

Friends Family
Both his parents are still alive. His father now works at the monitoring station at Chernobyl and his mother still works at the hospital. She is currently studying part time to become a fully qualified doctor. Alexis has stayed in contact with them both, regularly writing letters or emails. Neither is aware of what he really does for a living.
Alexis has also tried to keep in touch with a number of close school friends since he left town. A number of them have traveled to Western Europe in order to find work. He also makes a few friends in whatever local community he is currently staying in.
He still has one friend left from the brief time he spent on the illegal fighting circuit. Yuri Nemerov. Yuri, a former fighter, has risen to become one of the main organisers in the Kiev region. The two met in the pit and developed a grudging a respect for each other. This grew into a true friendship one night when Yuri was jumped in an alley behind a bar staging a fight. The men were from a rival syndicate and their intended to punish Yuri for beating one of their guys in a fight. They intended for Yuri to suffer from “terminal lead poisoning”. Alexis had popped into the alley for a piss and saw what was about to happen. He saved Yuri’s life and the two became fast friends. After Alexis was forced to flee Kiev, Yuri kept in touch passing along any info the mob might have on Alexis thanks to his position with them.

You got two choices, you either put the gun down. Or I make you eat it. If you’re lucky maybe it won’t fire when you swallow.

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