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Game Quotes Redux

“Algebra, defeating evil, either way I’m failing at something.”

During a storm, the school is cut off from the mainland forcing the staff and children to bunk in the school buildings overnight. Ryan and several others are assigned the attic.

Ryan: “You do realise this means that we’ll be the first to be fried by a lightning bolt?”
Teacher: “I’m sure the school is sufficiently insulated.”
Ryan: “Yeah, but are we?”

“Dude, there is a ghost pirate on a ghost ship. This is frickkin’ awesome. Why did I not bring a camera?”

“I’m going to bed, if you see another spectral pirate ship, headless horseman, wailing wench, do me a favour and keep it to yourself. Unless its the apocalypse, don’t wake me.”

Ryan: Either I watch Avatar or I tell Antony you still haven’t done your homework.
Trey: OK, works for me.


The Masked Bandito

This is from a Mutants and Masterminds game. The Masked Bandito is a comic relief supervillian that has just been defeated and captured by a high school student after he gate crashed the prom and tried to rob the students.

Student: Masked Bandito, you have to be the lamest supervillian in history.
MB: Aaah, but you have heard of me.
Student: Only because you announced yourself at the top of your voice when you entered the room!

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Game Quotes

From a Firefly inspired game using the rules provided for Western Sci-Fi in ESP 1 by Eden Studios.

Pilot: I prefer to fly below the radar
Captain: Yeah, but your usually drunk and smacking into buildings

From the same game when meeting a passenger for the first time who has not revealed that he is a Companion (a licensced prostitute).

Captain: So, what can I do you for?
Passenger: I am afraid you could’nt possibly afford my rates.

Werewolf: The Forsaken…

Pack Alpha to “Junior”: You’ve sidestepped to the spirit world twice and so far you’ve been attacked by a pizza, an X-Box and a Gaming Store. Don’t. Do It. Again.

Demon Hunter X…

SF0 Team leader: We’ve discovered a facility housing some 500 individuals being used by doppels for the purposes of infiltration and we believe that one of our team mates is being held there. Can you help us?
SF0 Special Operative: Do you want your team mate back alive?
Team leader: Yes.Spec-Op: Ok, its plan B then.


The party is exploring the Halcyon 7 where a small company is building a tourist resort. The colony goes off-line and the company contracts the party (through the Outland Contracting temp agency) to investigate the colony.Yes, its an aliens rip-off. I was pushed into a game at the last minute and had twenty minutes to come up with a scenario.So the party is running around this half-constructed tourist resort that looks like Hawaii. All the colonists are missing and it seems these alien creatures are responsible. These xenomorphs however (being in a space-fantasy setting) can become invisible at will, incorporal and phase in and out of their own sub-dimension.After several enouncters they decide to high tail it out of there and await pickup. An arguement arises between the two most vocal characters (nicknamed Brute Force and Ignorance).

BF: Lets get into the hover van and get to the LZ.
I: No, we take it out to sea. Madrial can hover the drop ship over us.
BF: But what if the aliens follow us?
I: There’s only room for two of us in the cap. If they phase in they’ll be trapped in the back or they’ll drown.


PC: Great, my first date of the semester, and she happens to already be a ghost.
GM: Look on the bright side, at least this seasons big bad can’t kill or threaten her.


PC: OK, I’m the last one standing, I’m flying the Avengers quinjet which has no weapons and I have a single flying villian to take down. .. .. Does she have a cape?