Voyage of the Nimbus – Session 6

Trouble in Helium City, Part 3

As the truck pulled away from the hotel, carrying what was correctly suspected to be Xanatos inside a wooden box. Jamie, Storm and William gave chase. Storm pulled his axe out and began to chase on foot whilst Jamie impressed upon a horse-riding gentlemen the importance of stopping the horrible man that had kidnapped her poor younger brother. Apparently, Jamie has womanly wiles that even she didn’t know she had. She cut a dashing figure as she fired her revolver from horseback; her bullets spoinging of the truck’s body. William decided not to immediately give chase. Still carrying his bow, he instead opted to loose a brace of arrows at the fleeing Jeremiah.

With the bullet impacts and the arrows, which shattered the rear window and struck Jeremiah as he drove, their NeoVictorian quarry soon became aware that he was being pursued. The truck accelerated away, Jamie galloping along after it. Storm realised that he would never catch up on foot. He ran over to a hogtrike that had pulled to the side of the road. Without saying a word, he grabbed the startled driver and threw him to the floor then leapt onto the hogtrike, gunned the engine and drove off in pursuit of Jeremiah’s truck. While William’s bow still gave him the range, the automaton loosed a few more arrows before realising that he needed to find some form of transport otherwise he’d be left behind. He quickly found a horse, clambered on to it, and set off in pursuit.

Eagle-eyed Jamie noticed that Jeremiah was heading towards a cluster of mooring posts on the edge of the city. In addition, she could see that he was flashing his headlights in a repeating pattern. It was obvious to her that he was signalling someone, even if she couldn’t work out exactly what he was saying.

Meanwhile, at a nearby cafe, Constantine and Zeke were waiting for a signal. A signal such as a truck being chased by his first mate on the back of horse, his boarding officer riding a hogtrike and waving an axe like an Australian post-apocalyptic villain, and his cabin boy struggling to keep on another horse. Zeke, decides that letting the others have all the fun is just not on. He ran out of the cafe, into the street, and leapt on top of a passing van heading in the right direction. Jumping from vehicle to vehicle he slowly gained ground.

Storm’s hogtrike pulled alongside Jeremiah’s truck and the youth jumped across onto the bonnet of the truck, wielding his axe and smashing it down onto the windscreen. Jeremiah was stunned by Storm’s sudden attack that he failed to notice the horse that Jamie was riding pull up on the driver’s side. She fired at Jeremiah through the side window and the bullet struck the man, distracted by Storm’s axe narrowly missing his head, was struck in the side. He slumped over the wheel, twisting it as he did so. The truck swerved, flipped, and rolled over several times before coming to a stop. Storm was luckily flung clear of the wreck and walked away with any a few bruises and scuffed clothes.

A banging from the box on the back of the truck, and a muffled “get me the *%@# out of here!”, revealed that Xanatos was indeed hidden inside; having been taken back the Jeremiah’s hotel room under false pretences and then drugged. Storm and Jamie helped him out of as the others arrived; Constantine arriving in a taxicab.

As they gathered around the overturned truck, a low drone from overhead filled the air and a large airship eclipsed the sun. Hovering low over the city, and in violation of Helium City’s “no overfly” ordinance, was a large airship of Imperial design. A series of hatches along its keel opened up and eight objects dropped down, slamming into the ground. They were armoured ganger automatons; a chain gun in place of their left arms, a retractable blade in their right, the metal of their armour has black and without insignia. Each of the automatons was still attached to the airship with a heavy-duty metal cable.

The crowd of bystanders backed away quickly with panicked whispers of “Chuno Ggun” as the automaton’s surrounded the truck with a protective cordon. They quickly extracted the unconscious Jeremiah and were winched back up into the ship. As soon as they were aboard, the airship moved off before Helium City’s air defence could respond.

Constantine and his crew decided to make a sharp exit and return to the Nimbus before the authorities showed up with uncomfortable questions. He was more than a little perturbed that he may have earned the ire of a Chuno Ggun agent.

Things began to settle down over the next couple of days. Pine Coffin managed to use the evidence gathered to get all charges against Xanatos dropped. He even managed to get the Lightning Pistol back, which Constantine quickly confiscated. The next morning, the crew awoke to a curious sight on the front page of the Helium City Herald; a blurry photo of Jamie on horseback charging down the street. The photo was accompanied with a story that painted her as a dashing lady who courageously confronted a dastardly Imperial agent intent on making off with her defenceless younger brother.

A few days after getting Xanatos back, Constantine ordered the entire crew to rendezvous at a hotel somewhere in town for a job. Jamie had hired a pair of covered trucks to transport the crew. When they arrived, Constantine sent the crew into a darkened room. When he joined them a few moments later with Xanatos, the crew yelled surprise. Jamie and Constantine had arranged for a surprise party to celebrate the captain’s little brother’s 17th birthday.

After a night of drunken debauchery and it was time to get back to work. They were approached by a representative of the North American Geographical Association a potential job offer. Accompanied by his officers, Constantine paid a visit to the NAGA office in town where he met with a Doctor James Winston III. He explained that the organisation was putting together an expedition departing in a weeks time for Russian America and they were looking hire on a small number of persons to provide shipboard security for the duration of the trip. After reading about the activities of the Nimbus’ crew in the paper, it seems they were an obvious choice. Doctor Winstanley was looking to hire 10 of the Nimbus’ crew. After realising that the Nimbus could get on with some simple trading work while they were gone, Constantine quickly agreed. The details were worked out, contacts signed. All they needed to do now was gear-up for a trip beyond the arctic circle.

Next time – Cold Front

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