Voyage of the Nimbus – Session 5

Trouble in Helium City, Part 2

The evidence was mounting that Xanatos been framed. The Doc had taken a blood sample from Xanatos and tested it. There was alcohol in it, but not enough to explain Xanatos’ hazy memory of the previous night, nor enough to impair his judgement. Jeremiah’s presence only seemed to cement the possibility.

Constantine asked Jamie, accompanied by Storm and William, to keep an eye on Jeremiah as they were unlikely to be recognised by the NeoVictorian. They followed him from the coffee bar to Helium City’s small NeoVictorian Quarter. He walked into an up-scale hotel that catered almost exclusively to visiting NeoVictorian dignitaries and IAN officers.

Meanwhile, Zeke had met up with the Doc and Constantine at a teashop. Constantine was in dire need of some civilised sophistication. After filling Zeke in on the situation, they discussed their options. A daring rescue was quickly ruled out. For once, the adage “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” This meant, despite some groans, they would not broadside the police station. At the very least, it would violate Helium City’s “No Overfly” ordinance. Zeke suggested they get a lawyer. At the very least, they’ll be able to say they tried to follow the rules. He recommended a fellow by the name of Jonathan Pine Coffin.

Back at the hotel, Jamie and the others had selected a vantage point on a building opposite to keep an eye out for Jeremiah. They didn’t have to wait long as soon after he had arrived, Jeremiah decided to have brunch on the balcony of his hotel suite. William noticed while Jeremiah was eating that his right hand was bandaged and as he rolled up his sleeve minor burns could be seen on his forearm. Exactly the same type of burns left behind by a malfunctioning lightning pistol backfiring. After watching him for an hour, they decided to head to the teashop to rendezvous with the others; arriving just as Constantine, Zeke and the Doc left to go visit the lawyer.

En masse, they arrived at the offices of Jonathan Pine Coffin finagling their way into an immediate appointment. Despite making a rather intimidating group, Pine Coffin didn’t seem that fazed. Constantine explained the situation with Xanatos, and their suspicions in regards to Jeremiah. After listening carefully, the lawyer agreed that their claim that Xanatos had been framed might have some merit. It wouldn’t be the first time that a wealthy individual had bought some injustice in Helium City. After negotiating a fee, Pine Coffin agreed to take on the case.

The rest of the day saw Jamie and Co (Storm and William again) monitoring Jeremiah’s movements whilst Pine Coffin looked into a few things. Constantine meanwhile had calmed down long enough to finally go and see his brother. Xanatos seemed to be doing okay in jail, although he couldn’t remember anything from the night before. Surely if he’d gotten drunk enough to do the things they’d said he’d done, then shouldn’t he have a hangover? Nevertheless, he was most insistent that Constantine “not tell mom.”

That evening, after Jeremiah went to visit a high-class brothel, they reconvened on the Nimbus. Pine Coffin had had another round of testing on a sample of Xanatos’ blood done and discovered that not only was the level of alcohol in the blood insufficient to cause intoxication, but there were traces of a very powerful sedative. He planned to gather the evidence together and present it to the authorities next morning in the hopes that he could get the charges dismissed.

However, shortly after breakfast, Pine Coffin paid an unexpected visit to the Nimbus with news of a worrying development. Someone had paid Xanatos’ non-existent bail and the youth had been released into the care of someone matching Jeremiah’s description. At this point it appeared the gloves were off and as the crew began to discuss using their mercenary skills (it’s not just a Schtick, it’s a skill set!”) to rescue Xanatos from where they assumed he was being held (Jeremiah’s hotel), Pine Coffin decided that it was time before he became an accessory to something.

Jamie and Co, accompanied by the Doc, hurried to the hotel. In order to get passed the front doorman without attracting too much attention, they had to “dress up” to look like they belonged there. In Jamie’s case, this meant wearing a dress for perhaps the first time. As they approached the hotel however, they spotted Jeremiah having a box loaded on to the back of a truck. A box large enough to fit someone inside. Jeremiah got into the driving seat and drove off.

Next time Trouble in Helium City, Part 3

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