Voyage of the Nimbus – Session 3

The Tribulations of Scabby Jack, Part 3

Kicking down the door to the inn, they dragged the badly injured Jamie inside. They startled a purple-haired youth leaning on a broom. 17-year-old Storm was still half-asleep from celebrating his birthday the night before and hadn’t appreciated being in work early the next day. He was rapidly becoming tired of working as the innkeeper’s gopher.

After lying Jamie on one of the tables, the Doc went to work patching her up. As he did this, Constantine walked over to Storm. Perhaps concerned that the ambush in the alley may be part of a general attack on this Nimbus and her crew, turned to Storm and paid the youth to run a message, warning the rest of the Nimbus’ crew.

With a couple of extra Helios in his pocket (more than a professional message runner would make in a week), Storm raced to the docks. He first warned the crewmember (Billy) who was on watch by the Nimbus’ gangplank. Then he ran on to a dockside bar where most of the crew was spending their time ashore. His job done, Storm quickly ran back.

Doc had patched up Jamie to the best of his abilities but there was only so much that he could do; Jamie would still need a couple of days of bed rest. The decision was made to return to the Nimbus and “get out of dodge” for a while. Before they left to head back to the ship, Constantine approached Storm and offered him a job (for some reason that was totally not to do with introducing a new PC). Storm thought hard … for about a second. Continue working as a minimum-wage bar slave, or join a crew of misfit mercenaries? No question really. He quickly agreed, popping into a back room to get his things. He returned with his two prized possession, a tea & coffee dispenser (looted from the bar itself) and a huuuuge battleaxe. When asked if he knew how to use the weapon, he merely shrugged. Constantine started to wonder just who he had invited aboard.

With everyone aboard, the Nimbus quickly departed. The plan was to head somewhere and lay low, give the crew time to heal their wounds and come up with a plan. They weren’t down with Port Helena just yet. No one attacks the Nimbus crew and gets away with it; Laura Lasko was going to pay.

After a day’s travel, the Nimbus pulls into High Tortuga. Just like its 17th century namesake, the skyloft was dominated by pirates and was a veritable den of criminals and treachery. Also home to that most hallowed of airpirate traditions, taverns. And lots of them. Almost as soon as they had docked, Xanatos leaped onto the skyloft and raced into the warren of dockside taverns (which made up at least 10% of the skyloft’s buildings), intent on getting very, very drunk.

Sighing, Constantine donned his best dress and went in search of his younger brother. He eventually found the plastered Xanatos and dragged the drunk back to the ship. In a drunken stupor, Xanatos confessed his love for Constantine, kissing is older brother. This was something that was Never. Spoken Of. Again.

The next morning, with Xanatos confined to the ship and the crew given explicit instructions to not let him off, the officer’s headed off into town. The Doc, accompanied by Storm, searched through apothecaries and markets looking for toxins and anti-venoms. After a day’s searching, he managed to acquire several vials of rattlesnake anti-venom that he hoped he could refine into a weaponised venom. Constantine hit the boutiques looking for a new dress (his brother had ruined the last one by throwing up on it the night before) and parasol sword. Zeke and Jamie (who had recovered enough to be able to walk around) visited the shipyards. They had plans for the Nimbus. Jamie wanted to add extra weapons to the Nimbus, a pair of tail chaser cannons.

It took some convincing, but Captain Constantine eventually agreed to the installation of a pair of Long Cannons. At the same time, workman also installed partition walls, forming a private cabin for the Captain. The upgrades took a few days and when they were done, the Nimbus and her crew were ready to return to Port Helena and to confront Laura Lasko.

The next morning, the Nimbus arrived a short distance from the Mt St Helens. In order to avoid warning Laura or anyone working for her, they had taken the decision to make landfall and hike up the southern face of the volcano. Entering the crater from the rear (away from the side blasted out by the 1980 eruption), they climbed down into Port Helena.

Jack Cutter’s mansion was easily accessible and after evading a guard patrol, they hopped over the wall into the bushes at the back of the grounds. They found William in the garden practising his archery. The automaton “boy” told them that his Jack was in a meeting. It took a bit of convincing, including promising to honour their original deal to help William run away, but William agreed to try and get Jack to come to the garden. They tried to explain to Jack what they suspected about his business partner and their arguments were reinforced when she strode into the garden flanked by several armed guards. Without any explanation or monologuing, she ordered to the guards to kill everyone.

They fanned out to engage the guards and Laura, assisted by Jack and William (who turned out to be quite adept with his bow). After a brief (and fairly one-sided battle), Laura and her minions were quickly overwhelmed and defeated.

In gratitude for uncovering the machinations of his (now former) business partner, Jack gave them a reward of 1’000 helios. Jack still had a lot of work ahead of him determining just who in his organisation was loyal to Laura and whom he could trust. 

The Nimbus left Port Helena for possibly the last time later that week. Not willing to hang around any longer and risk being the target of any retaliation from those loyal to Laura. They only stayed long enough to give William enough to sneak out and make his way to the ship bringing 1’500 helios and a Needle Rifle with him as payment.

Next time Trouble in Helium City, Part 1

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