Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief (Movie)

As huge fan of the books, my love for the original series may have coloured my perceptions. Be Warned.

As a movie, The Lightning Thief is watchable at best and manages to stand alone apart from the books. You don’t need knowledge of the original material to watch the movie.

This is because many things have been changed to fit the different format. Including ommitting several key plot threads that underpin the entire series.


  1. The agreement between “The Big Three” not to have any children
  2. The Prophecy that caused this agreement in the first place

All the main character’s are at least 4 years too old in appearance. IIRC Percy himself is meant to be around the age of 12 in the first book as is Annabeth. Several character’s were ommited, the final “battle” changed to take place in a different location involving a different enemy. The entire Ares subplot was ommited.

The tone of the movie was too serious. The books, written in first person, had a quite funny tone to them in places, the main character often poking fun at himself for some of the things he did. This, probably due to the differing format, was absent.

Camp Halfblood is well described in the first book, from its layout and style right down to what the campers wear. I can understand that some people might object to the “summer camp” style but that’s what it was in the book. If you’re going to adapt something then you should at least try to maintain true in the original. Otherwise why not make Hogwarts an inner city comprehensive?

To be honest, I can’t see this getting sequels. Which is a shame, because the Battle of New York in the final book would have been awesome to see on the big screen.


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