Ty Ellison -DnD4E Character

Ty Ellison, 1st level Rogue

: 16
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 134 Ibs
Hair: Scruffy blond
Eyes: Blue

: Sugared Apples, Reckless Stunts
Dislikes: Bullies and Tyrants, Sticklers for the Rules
Fears: Spiders and Ghosts
Favourite Bards: Crossbows and Roses, Blink Dog 182, AC/HP, My Alchemical Romance

Ty grew up in the village of Benbridge on the western shores of Arcadia. A small woodland kingdom, it’s predominantly a human realm but it does have a large elven population that make up most of the kingdom’s nobility. Consequently, there are also a large number of half-elves present in Arcadia.
The illegitimate son of the local Lord, Ty was raised by his mother who was a maid in the Lord’s household. His father made sure that all his offspring, legitimate or otherwise, had at least some education. Although he was a bright child, it was clear that Ty did not have the temperament or attention span for “book learning”. Like most young boy’s he dreamed of a life filled with adventure and heroic battles. When he was not in school or playing with his friends, Ty worked in the stables.
One day, whilst out in the forest alone gathering fire wood for the kitchens, Ty came across a strange red gemstone buried in the undergrowth. The uncut gem sparkled in the early morning sunlight. He put the stone in his pocket and didn’t think anything more of it. Later that night, Ty took the stone out and examined it. In the dim candlelight of his room, Ty realised that the stone glowed softly and sparkles danced inside it. Intrigued, on his next day off he went back to the woods to see if he could find another.
While there, he stumbled across a group of men searching for the stone. The stone apparently had some sort of mystical quality that their employers desired. With weapons drawn, they threatened the boy who, armed only with a small knife, ran. The men gave chase, taking pot shots and Ty with spells and arrows. Thanks to his agility and knowledge of the local woods, Ty was able to fend them off just long enough to reach the village. Ty hid while the Lord’s guardsmen fought the men. One of the cowl-wearing men found Ty’s hiding place and attempted to kill the boy in order to retrieve the stone. Fighting for his life, Ty mortally wounded the man and escaped. The rest of the men were killed by the Lord’s guardsmen.
Shortly after the incident, Ty decided to leave Benbridge figuring that now was a good opportunity as any to seek adventure. He took the stone with him and still wears it around his neck, considering it a good luck charm.

Character Sheet


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