Fight Scenes

Taking a break from writing the next part of BetaForce. Part 4 is the first real fight scene I’ve tried to write about (the little spat between Toby and Tommy in Part 2 doesn’t count) and its proving to be quite a challenge. I’ve got to keep track of 1 UniCop commander, 6 UniCop troopers (including the only named one, Travis) and the various members of Echo Cell.
What makes it even harder is that the fight isn’t simply both sides line up and take turns trading blows like some turn-based Japanese CRPG. That said, ironically I’ve actually resorted to splitting the fight into a number of “rounds” and noted the position of all the participants and plot important scenery on a piece of paper along with their intentions. Each round is depicted on a separate piece of paper and I now have a stack of these by my laptop. Its really helped in working out not only where everyone is and what everyone is doing but also determining the best sequence of events to bring about the resolution of the fight scene.
The end of Part 4 was actually decided upon about two weeks ago when I started writing Part 3 and pretty much the whole of the fight had to plotted out in order to make sure that that ending came about.
Anyway, I’ve decided that fight scenes are especially tricky to write.
Links to BetaForce stuff can be found on my DeviantArt journel entry here.

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