BetaForce – Echo Cell

Well, I’ve just uploaded what I hope is the first instalment of BetaForce – Echo Cell. A dark future superhero story set in the world of 2048, forty years after the heroes lost.

Bit of background. BF started off life as potential setting for a supers RPG. I’ve not got around to running it (yet) so in a way this is just a way to get it off my chest. The characters are going to be relatively young, mainly teenagers. This fits in with the whole theme of revolution. The older generations have given up trying to fight the system and now just try to survive it.

Some of the characters are actually going to be recycled characters that I’ve played as PCs (player characters) or ran as NPCs (non-player characters) in other games. Yeah, its lazy but I already know these characters so it makes it easier to envisage how they are going to react to various situations.

I hope to continue this as long as I can.

PS: Its also my intention to start including the stats for the various characters in Echo Cell as we meet them. The stats will be in Wushu and Cartoon Action Hour! format (the 1980’s action cartoon RPG). If I have time I may also include them in Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition format (considered by many to be the premier superhero RPG). Links for more info below.

Wushu: and
Cartoon Action Hour!:

The story is being posted to my new deviantart page and can be found here.


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Suspect is a Caucasian male, approximately 5'7" in height with blue eyes and brown hair. Last known place of residence in Manchester, UK WARNING: Suspect is in possession of number of swords, knives, firearms and other weaponry as well as body armour. He should be considered armed and dangerous.

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