Dark Hawaii: Yamada Kai

Type: Hero
Life Points: 40
Drama Points: 10Attributes
Strength 3
Dexterity 4
Constitution 3
Intelligence 5
Perception 4
Willpower 4

Acrobatics 5
Art 6
Crime 4
Doctor 2
Knowledge 2
Kung Fu 5
Languages 2
Notice 3
Occultism 2
Sports 4

Attractiveness 1 (1pt), Artist (2pts), Nerves of Steel (3pts), Photographic Memory (2pts), Spirit Medium (2pts), Criminal (2pts), Contacts (2pts), Hard to Kill 2 (2pts), Sorcery 1 (5pts)

Misfit (2pts), Teenager (2pts), Secret – Off his meds (2pts), Claustrophobia (2pts), Reckless (2pts), Adversary (2pt), Dependent (2pt)

Notes & Modifiers
Languages: English, Japanese, Hawaiian
Contacts (2pt): Local tagger community
Adversary (2pt): Local gang
Dependent (2pt): Yamada Kiba (younger brother)

Character Data
Strengths: The ability to see and talk to spirits. Relatively fearless, even in the face of supernatural horror.
Weaknesses: Claustrophobia and recklessness
Role Within Group: Combat support and non-conventional weapons specialist (magic user)
Short-Term Goals: Prove that he can take care of himself
Long-Term Goals: Not end up like the guy from The Frighteners

At just over 1.75m (5’9”) tall, Kai weighs 72.5 kilos (160lbs). He has a slight build, but not scrawny, with dark skin. Clean shaven, his hair is usually scruffy in the “I can’t be bothered” style and is murky blond in colour. Kai’s eyes are brown in colour.
Tattooed on his forearms, Kai as the kanji symbol for courage. Kai did them himself sometime after his sixteenth birthday. This act did not go down well with his parents but they eventually dropped the matter. Kai also has a single earring in his right eye.
Clothing wise, Kai prefers loose fitting garments that are easier to move around on. He tends to wear baggy jeans and a short sleeved t-shirt. When studying or tagging, Kai keeps his “art supplies” in a small backpack which has a couple of karabiners attached. A headband is used to keep his hair out of his eyes. Kai also wears his brother’s dog tags.

Skateboard, cell phone/MP3 player, spray cans, markers, sketchpad, backpack, brothers dog-tags, cheap laptop, medication

Kai’s father (Yoshida) and paternal grandparents moved to Hawaii from Japan in 1968 at aged 15. Nine years later he met his future wife (Liana, a native Hawaiian) and married two years later. Kai’s recklessness and rebellious attitude has strained the relationship with his father over recent years. The relationship with his mother is better. She was the one who persuaded his father to allow him to study art at university instead of something “more useful”. Or in her own words “let him study something that loves and is good at rather than force him to something you want and he’ll hate.” Yoshida currently is a freelance computer engineer and works on a number of government contracts at Pearl Harbour nava base. Liana runs a restaurant in a hotel on Maui.
Kai has two sisters (Keiko 7, Hinata 24) and one brother (Kiba 12). Apart from his brother, Kai is not particularly close to any of his siblings. Kiba looks up to his older brother and, to his parent’s dismay, has begun to take after him. Kai feels protective towards Kiba and in a rare case of responsibility, has been conscious of the way he acts around him. Hinata currently works as a teacher in Tokyo teaching English.
Kai did at one time have an older brother. Lee was the eldest child in the family, born in 1980. The two were pretty close despite the 9 year age gap and Kai looked up to his brother. Lee enlisted in the US Navy pilot straight out of high school. Unfortunately, in 2002 his helicopter crashed during a training mission with the loss of all aboard. Kai now wears his brothers dog tags.

Friends & Enemies
Being able to see ghosts is not a fast track to friends and fortune. Consequently being the “weird kid” meant Kai did not make friends easy. After nearly getting expelled from junior high spraying graffiti on the side of the gym, Kai began to make friends in the local tagger community.
Since moving to Honolulu to attend university, Kai has made a couple of close friends. Shortly after arriving, Kai was involved in a “Tag War” with another tagger he knew only by his handle. For two months the two competed until one night they both attempted to tag the same new highway bridge. His opponent and rival turned out to be a fellow student at the university by the name of Tobi Stevens. Tobi in fact took the same classes as Kai and the two soon became good friends.
Unfortunately, Kai has attracted the attention of one of the local gangs and for some reason they have it in for him.

Character History
Born on the 16th May 1989, from a very early age, Kai has always been able to see and hear spirits. To Kai, this has been a natural part of his life and never considered it unusual. His parents initially considered it harmless. After all, lots of kids his age have imaginary friends.
As time passed, Kai’s parents soon became concerned. Kai’s behaviour and personality were becoming increasingly erratic. At age 8, he was taken to a child psychologist who diagnosed Kai with a rare mental condition. Kai’s insistence that he could see ghosts was dismissed as nothing more than a combination of delusions and hallucination’s. He assured Kai’s parents that the problem could easily be treated by medication and therapy.
Of course, Kai’s medium abilities were not the result of a mental illness and as such the drugs would prove to be ineffective.
Over the next four years, Kai was forced to take an ever stronger series of drug combinations in an effort to suppress his abilities. Nothing seemed to work, so every few months, the doctors would try something new. The side effects got worse with each new combination. Loss of appetite, mood swings, headaches, nausea and an inability to concentrate or focus on specific tasks. By the time he was twelve, he was failing at school, isolated from other kids his age and was absent from school more than half the time.
After his twelfth birthday, he was placed on yet another drug combination. This time the side-effects were more than he could bear. He was unable to keep any food down and could not sleep for more than twenty minutes at a time. However, for the first time drugs affect his ghost sight. Normally he was only able to see ghosts and spirits. But after just a single dose of the drugs, his perceptions were pushed beyond the mortal world to some other place. This place was inhabited by strange beings that Kai new instinctively were evil. What’s more they seemed to notice and resent Kai’s intrusion into their realm.
Thankfully, the experience lasted only a few minutes but it was enough. He knew that if things continued the way they were, the drugs would either end up killing him or driving him insane. He had to stop taking them but he also knew that if he did and was found out, things could get very messy.
Kai began to fake the symptoms of the side effects while flushing the pills he was supposed to take down the toilet. Over a number weeks he toned down the drugs supposed side effects, pretending that his body was becoming used to them. Realising that unless people believed the drugs were working he would eventually be put on new ones, or even put in a hospital, he decided to pretend that the drugs were suppressing his abilities.
Since then he has successfully deceived both his family and his doctors. Something that he is not proud of in anyway but is necessary to his survival.
Kai took Lee’s death badly. He went off the rails, staying out over night, vandalising public buildings and hanging out with the wrong crowd. For a few years it seemed he was heading down a self destructive path. But after a getting in trouble with the police a few times, and concerned about how he might be affecting his little brother, Kai straightened himself out. Despite a shaky start to high school, he settled down (for the most part) and graduated.
He hasn’t completely calmed down and still has a wild side. Despite having an undeserved reputation as a slacker and a troublemaker, he is a hardworking student that always completes his class assignments on time.

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