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Ok, it’s been some time since I updated this blog. To be perfectly honest, not much has happened. Still looking for work, still wasting time on the net.

Recently I’ve acquired a new obsession. A little TV show called Naruto. While searching on a video sharing website I came across the full first episode. Having nothing better to do, I downloaded and watched it. I was instantly hooked. There are very few shows on TV anymore that have this sort of power of me. After watching it, I scoured the net and downloaded all 220 episodes of TV show and the first 13 of Naruto: Shipuudden, the “sequel” series set 3 years later. I watched them all back to back over the course of a single week. Now, assuming 23 minutes of actual content per episode (once you remove the opening/closing credits) that’s approximately 89 hours worth of anime. Yes I even sat through and watched the filler seasons.

The downside is that for over a week I couldn’t get the theme tunes out of my head (it has’nt helped that I’ve also downloaded the Soundtracks).

In my quest for more Naruto, I downloaded the first three movies (the fourth is released this summer in Japan) and I even searched out and obtained the Manga. As I write this, I’m eagerly awaiting the scanlation of issue 353.

Strangely enough, after reading all that Japanese manga, I can’t read western comics at the moment. For those that don’t already know, Japanese comics read in opposite direction to English comics (right to left and back to front). My eyes just won’t scan left to right at the moment.

Anyway, on my travels across the net I came across some pretty good fan art and wallpapers. I thought I’d upload some of the best desktop wallpapers to share.

Naruto Wallpapers
Outside of my latest obsession, I’ve been planning my next game and there’s been a change of plans. I was originally planning on running a fantasy game using the BESM system. However, I’ve not been able to afford the hardcopy of the rulebook and I’ve begun to realise that I have to stat everything up myself as there is now NPC or Monster Gallery in the rulebook.

My fallback plan is something I’ve been toying with for a while. One of my favourite comics for while is PS238. You can read the first couple of issues for free on the authors website at Basically, its a supers comic set in an elementary school for metahumans. Its similar in some aspects to the Disney movie “Sky High” except its way better and came first.

I’ll be running it in a couple of weeks using the Mutants and Masterminds system. It should be a fun short game.

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