New Fantasy Campaign & Awakenings

Still working on it. Most of the work so far has been deciding what system to use. Up until Tuesday I had narrowed it down to:

  • Alternity
  • Arrowflight
  • Iron Gauntlets
  • Cartoon Action Hour
  • BESM
On Wednesday, I brainstormed a few more ideas with Guy. Most of these were system related and this lead to all but BESM and Cartoon Action Hour being eliminated. We then went through character creation using BESM and CAH to see which system suited the sample character for the setting better. In CAH, the character benchmarked out at roughly 100 points. The top of end of the recommended starting point range. When we did the same character in BESM, we costed out at 25 points. Which is inline for a low-powered game.

Since the game is envisioned to start out low-powered in the beginning we’ve chosen BESM. Now, at the moment we only have access to 2nd Edition Revised. As soon as I have the money, I’ll look into getting Third Edition. The two editions are not compatible which will render the fantasy supplements I have for 2nd Ed unusable.

Also on Wednesday we had the second session of Awakenings. It went well and both players have really got into the spirit of Wushu. I’ll hopefully have the write up online sometime this weekend.

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