Awakenings: Series Guide

The first session of the Wushu Supers game was ran on Wednesday. There are two players and so far things are going well. We’re pretty much using the Wushu Open Reloaded rules set with a few tweaks to Special Abilities and Weaknesses.

As stated previously, the game takes place in an unnamed fictional city in Northern California (referred to only as “The City” in the game). It is a coastal metropolis with a population of roughly 2.5 million people and is located in Humbolt County (where the real-life town of Eureka is located).

The game is loosely based on the NBC show Heroes although it does not take place in the same setting as that show. In the world of Awakenings, stories have been circulating in the last couple of months of individuals displaying strange, superhuman abilities. Until recently no one has taken these stories seriously. Only the Weekly World News has given them any credence. Although Elvis’s secret alien love child has taken the front page.

Derick “Death” Brock

Concept: Former US Marine turned Paramedic

Parahuman Parkour 5 Nubian Greek God 4 Impeccable Delivery 4 Marine Medic 3

Good Thing: Brawler
Bad Thing: Arrogant

Quote: “Am I supposed to be impressed”
Looks Like: Keith Hamilton Cobb Tyr Anasazi from Andromeda)

Robin O’Hara (Rho)

Concept: Student at the Metropolitan University studying Theology and Mythology. Cheerful, fun loving American-Irish witch-boy

There’s no such thing as magic 5 Witty Banter 4 Academic Thinky Stuff 4 Run Like Hell! 3

Good Thing: Blag/Bluff
Bad Thing: Crisis of Confidence

Quote: “Yeah, I know. Ben Affleck. I get that all the time.”
Looks Like: Bill S Preston from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (the one not played by Keanu Reeves)

Rules Modifications

Good Things: These are basically a renamed version of Special Abilities. When a player describes an action that the Good Thing would apply to, the relevant trait gets a +1 bonus. If the trait is already at level 5, they instead get to roll an extra dice.

Bad Things: A variation on weaknesses. When activated by a player (and they must state they are activating it before the roll any dice), any die that rolls a six is a botch and reduces the amount of successes rolled by one. For each botch rolled, the character regains 1 chi at the start of the next round. This chi regeneration must be depicted somehow in the players description of their next action and cannot take the level of chi higher than three.

Session write up to come soon.

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