What if YOU had the ability to transport yourself into another world?
A world of myth and legend…
Of Gods and monsters…
What if you could use your earthly knowledge to change that world?
Introduce democracy…
health care …
modern science …
firearms …
sanitation …
What sort of world would you create?
And would you still want to live there afterwards?

Welcome to Avatar

This campaign is based around the idea that players portray people from our world who, during sleep or times of unconsciousness, can project their minds into another world. A swords and sorcery fantasy world. These Avatars inhabit physical bodies in this world. They instinctively know that this is not a dream it is very real. In this world they have two unique powers. The first is the power of Pulling. The ability to bring objects that they are regularly in contact with in our world into Avatar. The second is a power termed (for obvious reasons) Respawning. When their Avatar form dies they wake up again in the “real world”. The next time the go to sleep they appear back in the world of Avatar in a different body but remembering everything that happened to the previous one.
The main theme of the setting is consequences. Firstly the effects that modern knowledge is having on the world as some Avatars try to “improve” the world or gather their own power base. Secondly some Avatars use their time here to indulge in every thing that their afraid to do in the real world. Murder, rape, pillage, wanton destruction. For an avatar, death is merely an inconvenience and with out it as a punishment or deterrent there are seemingly no consequences of their actions.
The fantasy world the game is set in used to be a fairly standard world prior to the coming of the Avatars. There were wars and revolutions. Evil plots and heroic knights. But nothing really changed. But in the last 300 years (only 90 in Earth years, time in Avatar moves fluidly compared to on Earth) things have changed dramatically. The orcs of northern plains have united under the banner of the Belsar Imperium forming a pseudo-roman Empire. Port Dillion, formally a small coastal town, has recently began to dominate the sea ways thanks to iron-clads and advanced firearms introduced by an Avatar trying to eliminate piracy. And so on. The world at large is currently unaware of the existence of the Avatars but some groups are waking up to the truth. The truth that the only way to end the Avatar menace is to kill them in real world. Some Avatars are not above taking money to kill rivals on Earth. Also, on earth. Some criminal gangs have become aware that by using an Avatars Pulling ability. Drugs and be smugglers through the fantasy world into markets on Earth by passing border patrols and customs agents.

I’ve been meaning to run this setting for nearly two years but have always had one problem or another with each system I tried to adapt it too. Mainly over the dual character nature and the whole respawning concept.

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