Boondocks Episode 1, Season 3

MV Shooting Star 2The first assignment for the crew of the Shooting Star 2 (pictured left) was to proceed the SAV Roake’s Drift (picture below) for briefing on their mission. The Drift, a Cape-Class Carrier, is a military vessel operated by the Independent South African Republic Defence Force and was part of that nations contribution to the Colonial Alliance. Codenamed “HomeBase 3” by the Alliance and was used as a mobile command centre for their operations.
SAV Roarke
The crew arrived on board and were immediately briefed by its CO on their mission. They were to proceed to a nearby system which had reported two Darker attacks in the last six months. This was a cause for concern as the Darkers rarely attack a single target so often over such a short period of time. They were to make contact with the crew of the Drake which was assigned as patrol boat for the system. After a brief tour of the Drift while the Star was being restocked and supplied the crew departed on their mission.
Their destination was a isolated system home to an unlicensed colony that was a member of the Alliance. It possessed little in the way of industrial infrastructure and had no military capabilities whatsoever. Primarily an agricultural planet, it supplied many of the smaller colonies in the region with food making it an important system in the local economy and a valuable member of the Alliance. Upon arrival in the system, the Star made planetfall at the sole spaceport. Captain Jonah Wiles and Sergeant Carl “Maniac” Tyler journeyed into town to make some inquiries while Lieutenant Ford (CA Liaison Officer and Navigator) and Dr Samson (Ship’s Medic) stayed behind on board the ship.
First port of call was the mayor’s office. The man was quite willing to help and drove the two out to the site of the first attack. A small villiage some 30 minutes drive outside of town. Damage was relatively light and the reported number of fatalities (4, although one was due to a heart attack and not violence) was low for a Darker attack. This was the first sign that everything was not as it seemed. The mayor was able to provide police statements and coroners reports on the attacks. Nothing had been reported stolen and no one had been reported missing. Coupled with the relatively light damage and casualties, this was atypical behaviour for Darkers.
At that point Tyler and Wiles split up. Tyler headed to the spaceport to requisition traffic logs of the time of the attacks to determine if any unidentified ships had been in the vicinity. He could pretty chatty with the controller and she reviewed the logs and discovered that shortly before the attacks, a gravitic anomaly was detected in the system. Thanking her, Tyler took the data back to ship and ran it past Ford and Samson. Between the three of them, they determined that the anomaly was produced by an attempt to fake a ship reverting to real-space. It appeared that someone was trying to make it appear that the Darkers were coming from outside the system. Wiles meanwhile had gone over to the bar to see what rumours he could pick up on the grapevine. After sometime he picked up rumours of a possible protection racket being ran by the crew of Drake. Putting these two pieces of information together, they discovered that on both occasions the Drake had not been in system during the Darker attack. The crew began to suspect the Drake may have accomplices.
After a brief word with the port controller, it was learnt that the Drake was due back at noon the next day. After putting in a request to be notified the moment the Drake entered the system, the crew began to formulate a plan of attack. Since the Star was waterproof, it would be hidden in a lake a few miles outside of town. Doc Samson would be given the task of minding the ship while Tyler, Ford and Wiles stayed in town. Once the Drake had landed and the majority of its crew had gone into town, the three of them would assault the Drake using hand-blasters (non-lethal stun weapons) incapacitating the crew. Wiles would go aft to disable the ship while Tyler and Ford would go and secure the cockpit. They would then lay in wait for the remaineder of the Drake’s crew and ambush them as they returned to the ship.
The plan was pulled off like a hitch and the crew operated like a well-oiled machine. Within a few minutes, the ship was secured and its crew was in custody. Captain Wile’s took over interrogation and discovered the existence of a second ship based at an abandoned mining outpost on the outskirts of the system. This was the ship used for the fake Darker attacks. After obtaining the security codes, Wiles, Tyler and the unusually competent Ford commandeered the Drake’s shuttle to infiltrate the base.
Again using hand-blasters, the team incapacitated most of the personnel at the base whilst only suffering a minor injuries to themselves. Unfortunately they were unable to prevent the straggles from reaching the ship and attempting to escape. Catching up with them at the docking bay, they were surprised to discoverer that the second ship was in actual fact a captured Darker vessel.
After shaking off the surprise, the team sealed the hanger bay doors from the control room. The pirates overrode the control room and activated the doors by remote. Switching to their firearms, the team opened fire through the control room window at the ships cockpit in a vain attempt to hit the pilot or at least pierce the canopy. Their weapons were only able to shatter the control room window which began to decompress as the hanger bay doors opened. They had one chance left to prevent the ship from leaving. With the hanger doors opened, the base would begin to decompress. Automatic safety systems should kick in and seal the doors but the control room had sustained enemy fire. Wiles vaulted down into the bay and reached one of the access doors. With some creative engineering he managed to jam the door open which triggered the safety system.
While Ford gave covering fire, Tyler clambered onto the gantries along the ceiling and began to make his way to above the ship, dropping down just behind a secondary gun turret. Wiles took a running leap of some crates and clambered onto the wing. He began to use a microtorch to cut his way through the hull while Tyler scrambled into an emergency escape hatch. They both met up in the main access corridor and incapacitated two guards with their blasters. Running low on charges they switched to firearms and stormed the bridge. After dispatching two more pirates, the pilot as forced at gunpoint to land the ship.
The prisoners were transferred to the shuttle and ferried back to the Star. After a bit of patching up and recuperation, the Star concluded its mission and returned to HomeBase 3 with their prisoners. They were taken to the Roarke’s brig to await a very public trial. Their actions threatened to bring the nascent Colonial Alliance into disrepute. This was not to sort of PR the Alliance needed. A technical team was dispatched back to the outpost to recover the Darker ship for analysis and a recovery team was sent to retrieve the Drake so that it could be assigned to a new crew.
The crew of the Shooting Star were ready for their next mission.

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