The Last Line of Defense

£1 for a DVD movie (or 1.93 USD for our colonial cousins).

Seems pretty cheap.

Well so was the production values of the movie. The Last Line of Defense (also known as Interceptors) is a pretty bad movie. It starts with the blurb on the back of the box.

In the near future the US Government has created an elite team of soldiers specially trained for action in the event of a hostile alien encounter.
A multinational force, they are the last line of defense.

This pretty much does not summise the plot at all. The main characters are an independent mercenary team and two CIA agents. This is a “government” force?

The tactics displayed by the US gov in this movie border on the imbecilic. And that’s compared to some of the crap they get up to in the real world. The US nukes a town in Canada and the cover story is a gas explosion. Yes a gas explosion. Obviously the when gas explodes it creates an EMP, leaves radioactive fallout and has a seismic signiture similar to a nuclear blast.

Then to make things worse, a UFO is shot down by an F117 using a tactical nuke over US soil. Like no one would miss that happen. At the end the imbecile in charge nukes a Mexican town to destroy the alien.

0/10: Piece of crap barely worth the cover price.

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