Modern Fantasy

Genre: Fantasy (modern)
System: d20Modern

Two centuries ago, the Southern Kingdoms entered a period of rapid technological and scientific advancement. Just like in our world, steam power triggered an industrial revolution. As the collective economic and political power of the Southern Kingdoms grew, their neighbours grew jealous and nervous. In particular, relations with the Kholinor Empire suffered. The Empire was strong and ancient. Ruled by a council of mages they had used their magics for centuries to dominate the people under their rule. However, as the Southern Kingdoms began to enjoy improved quality of life and greater political freedoms, civil unrest began to the threaten the stability of the empire.

In an effort to reinforce their authority, the Empire invaded the Southern Kingdoms. In a conflict now known as the Great War, Dragon Riders, Battle Mages and cavalry assualted the northern most members of the Southern Kingdoms. The Empire initially had the advantage of suprise and numbers and they siezed control of the entire northern half of the Kingdoms. This was not to last. The Southern Kingdoms turned their massive industrial capacity and technological capability to the war. Within a few weeks snipers were targeting the Mages; artillery and tank fire swept through the mass ranks of infantry, archers and cavalry; machine gunnners shot dragons right out of the sky. Imperial forces were massacred were driven from the Southern Kingdoms.
The Great War cemented the presence of technology in the world and changed history forever. Within a decade, the Kingdoms had united under the banner of the Unitied Provinces, the Empire had ironically collapsed into near endless civil war, and every nation sought to duplicate the scientific progress of the United Provinces.
That was nearly 60 years ago.
So, what’s life like in United Provinces. Not that much different from our own world. There are cities with sprawling suburbs and towering skyscrapers. Highways connect the cities of the world and telecommunications network the world like a silicone central nervous system. Corporations try to get good PR by showing off their eco-friendly potentials.
The differences are there if you look for them though. The lawyer getting out of that taxi is an elf that specialises in environmental law, the taxi diver is a dwarf, the cop chasing that pickpocket is a half orc while the thief is a halfling. A man sits at a table outside a coffee shop sipping an expresso tapping away at a PDA. The screen shows strange arcane symbols that seem to flow and shift of their own accord. He’s a mage memorising a spell from his spellbook. A shadow passes over as an advertising blimp floats overhead. Advertsing is not its primary function however. Its the latest development in elven bioengineering and gnomish levitation magic. Its job is to reprocess the air above the city scrubbing it off pollutants. Already this year it has reduced air pollution by 60%. If the vote is passed in Parliment, then they could be seen above every city in the country.
Basically its a DnD world that has progressed to the same level as 21st Century Earth in terms of social and technological development. However it still retains the magical knowledge of a fantasy world (albeit it modified for use in modern society). Characters will portray a team of troubleshooters (the modern version of adventurers)

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