Boondocks Season Two Ends With a Bang!

So, last Friday was the last session of Boondocks. It was’nt meant to be the last session. In fact there was mean’nt to be three more episodes this series. However, I’d gotten sick of players not turning up and screwing up plotlines. I took the decision to cut the season short and jump straight to the season finale.

It turned out to be a good decision as by all accounts the players really enjoyed it.

Boondocks is (very) loosely based on the TV series “Firefly” created by Joss Whedon. Boondocks came about when someone asked me to run a sci-fi game based on Firefly. Now, at the time I had not yet seen the series, the movie had not been announced and an offical RPG was only the fevered dream of a mad man. The group sat down and banged out a setting in a couple of hours. The result was a setting which took as much from other Sci-Fi shows/movies as it did from the ‘Verse.

The setting is a has been ran twice before the current campaign. Once by myself and once by its “co-creater”. Both followed the adventures a crew of miscreants. The first game ran for about 5 episode and the second was a one-off one shot. So the current campaign is, in a way, Season 2 of Boondocks with a straight-to-DVD TV-Movie set in between.

One of the elements we copied over from the ‘Verse was the Reavers. In Boondocks they are known as Darkers. The best way to describe them is Reavers with psychic powers, mutations and cyberware. Like Reavers, they are the bogeymen of the frontier regions. Unlike Reavers, Darkers and be rational and can look like us. In fact, you could be served by one in a shop and never know that he was a sleeper agent gathering intel for his brethren. One of the running themes in this season was “They Have A Plan”. Stolen without remose from the opening credits of the new Battlestar Galactica.

Throughout the season there was foreshadowing of some major Darker plot. Their attempts to get their hands on military weapons research, the growing boldness of their raids, their increasing activity and so on. It began to climax at the end of the penultimate episode when the crew got their hands on a Darker computer pad which contained detailed intelligence on a Pan Pacific Accord patrol ship. Its crew complement, its armament, its maintenance records and its patrol route.

At the end of the episode, I described a cut scene which portrayed the Darkers boarding the PPA vessel and overwhelming its crew. The players were aware of this but their characters weren’t.

In the final Episode, entitled Battle of Thermoplyae, the Darkers made their move and attacked a colony of the Western Union, one of the two superpowers of the setting. The crew was caught in the middle when they were drafted to aid in the colony’s defence. A new treaty between several Union and Accord colonies resulted in a PPA Patrol ship bneing despatched to aid the colony. Little did anyone know that it was a Trojan Horse. After unloading its complement of marines and armoured vehicles, it detonated its engines, obilterating the space port and all the ships there. The fake Accord troops then attacked the colony. Only through the crews actions were the invaders defeated and the colony saved. It was only a repireve though. The attack had just been an attempt to sow chaos. The real invasion was three days away. Cut off, unable to escape and with the colonies leadership slain, the crew became the leaders of the colonies defence, rallying the colonists and soldiers and preparing for a last ditch defence. Talk about being Spartan Warriors 🙂

In the end, there was a long battle, several deaths and heroic actions. By overloading the colonies fusion reactor and hiding in underground tunnels, the Darkers were defeated and the crew became the Heroes of the Battle of Thermoplyae.

At some point in the future we’ll be starting Season 3. It’s tentatively going to be set one year later. The treaty (which was illegal having been signed by colonies and not ratified by central governments) has grown into the “Boondocks Alliance”. A development the Core (meaning the Union and Accord) is not happy with.


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