Boondocks is (very) loosely based on the TV series “Firefly” created by Joss Whedon. Boondocks came about when someone asked me to run a sci-fi game based on Firefly. Now, at the time I had not yet seen the series, the movie had not been announced and an offical RPG was only the fevered dream of a mad man. The group sat down and banged out a setting in a couple of hours. The result was a setting which took as much from other Sci-Fi shows/movies as it did from the ‘Verse.
The setting is a has been ran twice before the current campaign. Once by myself and once by its “co-creater”. Both followed the adventures a crew of miscreants. The first game ran for about 5 episode and the second was a one-off one shot. So the current campaign is, in a way, Season 2 of Boondocks with a straight-to-DVD TV-Movie set in between.

Some information the the game is contained in the PDF below.



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  1. I love the Boondocks, yay. 🙂

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