John Brooks (Aka Rescue)

John is a character from one of the Marvel Universe games I play in. His stats are in Mutants & Masterminds 2e format. The original character was based on a concept for the Godsend Agenda RPG.

Power Level: 10 (150 power points)
Abilities: STR 17(+3) DEX 16(+3) CON 18(+4) INT 18(+4) WIS 15(+2) CHA 14(+2)
Skills: Computers +5, Concentration +4, Diplomacy +6, Drive +7, Gather Information +4, Knowledge (Popular Culture) +7, Language (French, ), Medicine +10, Notice +6, Pilot +11, Profession (EMT) +10
Feats: Connected, Contacts, Defensive Roll, Endurance, Equipment 3, Improvised Tools, Jack-of-All-Trades, Ultimate Effort (Skill (Medicine))
Powers:Deflect (ranged) 9 (E:Action (Standard->Reaction),Redirection,Reflection;F:Limited (Physical Attacks Only))Teleport 9 (E:Accurate;F:Limited (Others Only),Limited (Short);PF:Change Direction,Change Velocity)
Combat: Attack +5 Defense 15 (Flat-footed: 12) Initiative +3
Saves: Toughness +4 Fortitude +7 Reflex +7 Willpower +3
Lifting: 260 lb.Equipment (15 points): Undercover Shirt (3), Cell Phone (1), SUV (8), Computer (Laptop) (1), Gas Mask (1), Flash Goggles (1)
Drawbacks: Noticeable (White Light;Very Common,Minor)
Cost Summary: Ability 38 + Skills 12 (48 Ranks) + Feats 10 + Powers 65 + Combat 20 + Saves 8 – Drawbacks 3 = 150 / 150
Created With Mutagen! version 0.8.2 – beta

John Brooks was always different; from an early age things seemed to go missing around him or when down in one place would appear few minutes later.
It was around his tenth birthday that his parents noticed his powers for the first time and put two and two together. They were in the garden one sunny afternoon when they heard John shouting for their pet cat to come down from a tree at the bottom of the garden, John’s father went to see if he could help only to watch in amazement as John pointed his finger at the cat and, pop it disappeared only to reappear in John’s hands seconds later. John was quickly ushered into the house where his mum gave him a check up. After a long talk and the realisation that John had strange abilities, his parents persuaded him not to use his powers in front of anyone except them, but they felt that as this power was part of their son he should learn to use it so while at home, with just the three of them about he was allowed to practice.
In School john excelled in the sciences and upon leaving he went to University to study medicine. Leaving after seven years with is doctorate and masters in biology and chemistry.
However rather than become a doctor, John chose to become an EMT (or paramedic in brit-speak). Despite living in a world of superheroes that could tear steel with their bare hands and revive the dead, there will always be the need for someone to clean up after the supers fight. Eventually he transferred to the city’s Air Ambulance Service.
Everything changed one particular call-out; a group of terrorists had captured a museum and were threatening to kill the hostages unless their leader was released from prison (he had been captured months earlier in a bomb attack in a shopping centre). Negotiators managed to get the terrorists to agree to let in a medical team to treat some of the hostages that had been injured in the attack. John was amongst the three EMT’s sent in. Unfortunately no one had informed a local super team of the standard tactic when dealing with terrorists. They charged in, ready to rumble with the terrorists. It was a disaster. The terrorists had hired mutants as muscle and within minutes the supers were down. Many of the hostages were injured and the terrorists had gotten trigger happy. As John ran across a room to get to an injured hostage one of the terrorists opened up with a machine gun, at first everyone there thought he had been hit but something unbelievable happened, as the bullets got within an inch of John they winked out of sight, seconds later the man who had shot at him screamed and fell to the ground with six bullets in his chest.
Having no time to think about what had just happened John reached the first hostage. Assessing the situation he knew the only way his injured patient would survive was an immediate evac, but being under heavy fire this seemed impossible. John took a few deep breaths to calm himself knowing exactly what he had to do, radioing the medical team outside he ordered them to clear an area to the north of the building in view of the window he was looking out of. That he had one serious case with multiple gun shot wounds and to be ready to receive him. With that he pointed his finger at his patient and, pop he vanished and seconds later he got an astonished call from his medical team that “The patient has appeared and is stable.” Smiling he turned to the others and said it was time to go and with that popped each of them in turn to safety, lastly he bent and closed the eyes of a dead super feeling angry that he hadn’t been fast enough to save him, he pointed his finger and sent him home. Now on his own he realised that more hostages were still in the building so he went to find them, what actually happened in the following half an hour no one knows except John but when the shooting and shouting was over and the SWAT team finally stormed the building John was sitting on the stairs in the hall with three hostages by his side and dead gun men and unconscious super villains all around.


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